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Should we have a baby before our wedding?


Me and h2b have covered this a lot... both of us would love to have a baby now, our wedding is August 2010. But we know how much it would mean to our parents if we did things the "right way" (whatever that means!!) I would say wait and enjoy being engaged...although if it happens it happens!! xxx


  • mrshampson2bemrshampson2be Posts: 1,690
    We have discussed this too, h2b would love to have one now - our wedding is booked for 6th aug 2010 and we have decided its just too close!

    By the time we conceive, have a baby, get over the birth and get used to having another person in our lives and everything being turned upside down we wouldnt have very long before the wedding - and all the stresses and strains that will bring!!

    We have decided to try for a honeymoon baby instead :\)
  • mrshampson2bemrshampson2be Posts: 1,690
    Plus I think my family - especially my grandparents and parents - will be much happier if we do it that way around!!
  • We have also discussed this and are going to wait until after our wedding (4 Sept. 2010). I agree with MrsHampson2be it's jsut a risk time wise because you might not fall straight away and you don't want to put too much pressure on yourself for that and not enjoy planning your wedding. We have decided to try for a honeymoon baby too. xx
  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    I'd love to have a baby now too but wouldn't be right right now. Planning on getting pregnant just after the wedding though maybe a honeymoon baby
  • bec19ukbec19uk Posts: 424
    Same here really. Think going to try for a honeymoon baby but anytime after we're married is fine. I'd be happy to have one now but I really want to enjoy being engaged and also I'd prob feel guilty about splashing out on my wedding knowing there was a baby on the way so for us its definitely best to wait.

    Awww, I love babies though image x
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I defo don't want kids before we are married - I want to have some time as a married couple before I would even consider having children.

    I am only 23 though and nowhere near ready to contemplate kids.

    At the end of the day its you and h2b's decision - don't let other peoples' opinions put you off if you think it is the right step for u.

  • i've had this dilema too... we have actually been trying for about 6 months, but got engaged last month. i always thought i wouldnt mind about the whole wedding thing really, but now its a reality and im starting planning, ive realised i really want the day to be ours- it would be a really different experience with children. not bad at all, but really different! however, i so wish we could get married next year, and get back to baby making as soon as possible! the main factor for me is that i am 30- how old are all of you?? i have friends having babies left right and centre, and i am so unbelievably broody and have been for years!! we desperately want a baby, and really dont want to wait til 2010, but at the same time i really want to have an amazing wedding day and honeymoon for us. its sooo hard! keep us posted what you decide to do! x

  • mrshampson2bemrshampson2be Posts: 1,690
    I think you and your h2b have to make this decision without thinking about your parents too much - it will affect them but not as much as you and your h2b - if you feel you are ready for a baby now then go for it, i'm sure if its what you want then your parents will be happy for you.

    You and h2b are obviously in a serious relationship and i presume you have talked and thought carefully about the impact a baby will have on your relationship and lives. Maybe if you decide to go for it you should sit your parents down and talk these things through with them.
  • NewMrsLNewMrsL Posts: 478
    we would love to have a baby before our wedding in feb 2010 but we think our parents might be the same! im just going to have to try and push the broodiness to the side and wait it out!!
  • hi, im getting married 7/8/2010 and we already have a little boy and are trying for our second child, i really cant wait for it to happen. you know when you are ready and if you and your h2b are then dont let any of your familys opinions put you off, cos its totally your decision. babies are little miracles and it will happen when its meant to whether it be before or after the wedding. good luck and best wishes hun
  • KpeacockukKpeacockuk Posts: 351
    Im only 24 so i really don't want children anytime soon. We were set on trying on honeymoon 2010 but we are having second thoughts already so think we are going to leave it until at least a year after the wedding to start trying. We both know we want children and even talk about names quite a lot but i think i want to enjoy as much time as we can just being us 2 and enjoying being able to do what we want before we bring lil sproggs into the world. Hope that doesnt sound too selfish??!

  • hi not read all replies but though i would add my thoughs as a bride to be and a mum to 2 young children 3 and 11 months., before yrping i had to clear that i love them to bits !!!! HOWEVER if i was you i would wait , planning the wedding will only distract you from your prcious baby and they grow so fast you need to make the most of the time, also what about your honeymoon. why do you strat trying for baby on your honeymoon ?

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