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what flowers are brides2be having?

Hey again ladies, I'm so full of questions at the mo! Hope the wedding plans are going well! Im just wondering what flowers everyone is having and hoping to get some inspiration! Anna xx image

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  • kazzyjkazzyj Posts: 46
    We are having ferrari red roses with white lillies. They are going to be real as well.
  • baby-babybaby-baby Posts: 1,877
    Wea are having orange and White Gerberas and white roses


  • mrshampson2bemrshampson2be Posts: 1,690
    Tulips are my absolute favourite flowers but unfortunatly because we are getting married in Summer I dont think i'll be able to get hold of any - the ones you can get are very small and dont really look like tulips - so have had to rethink.

    At the minute thinking of hydrangea or peonies but going to speak to a florist and see what they suggest - colour theme is purple so hydrangea would fit in nicely plus my mum and dad have two huge hydrengea bushes in their garden at home so a nice link there!!
  • bec19ukbec19uk Posts: 424
    Hi, I think we're going for gerberas and roses but I also love peonies as well image x
  • hi im having calla lillies and roses
  • SquitSquit Posts: 363
    Hey ladies, thanx for the replies, i'm hoping to have calla lilies too, ivory and burgundy, clairej03- love that design of bouquet! saw something similar in local florist wanted to incorporate some crystals too coz i love sparkly things! xx

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