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Any stoke-on-trent 2010 bride to be's????

Hi, my name is Gemma and am getting married on saturday 29th may 2010 at the stone house hotel. Would be great to hear from any other 'stokies' !


  • febesuk1febesuk1 Posts: 139
    HEY!! A STOKIE!!!

    We are marrying at St Lukes in NEwcastle though we live in meir. Have you got MSN??
  • mrskwanmrskwan Posts: 242
    I don't really count as a stoke on trent bride coz i'm gettin married in manchester but I llive in stoke x
  • mrsH2bemrsH2be Posts: 13
    NO haven't got MSN sorry! Just your bog standard e-mail, where are you having your reception? Booking the date and venue is the only thing we've done at the minute, how far have you got??

  • febesuk1febesuk1 Posts: 139
    We are seeing the vicar on thursday, sorted the important people of our wedding, thought about venues! Where is your venue? we are thinking Weston Hall or Caverswall Castle
  • mrsH2bemrsH2be Posts: 13

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  • mrsH2bemrsH2be Posts: 13
    Hello Mrskwan2be, of course you still count as a stokie! How come you're getting married in manchester? Me and my h2b have been to weston hall a few times to eat and its lovely, but i've heard really positive things about caverswall castle too. Had a quick look at stoke-on-trent 2009ers chat room and a few of them seem to be getting married there too so it must be the place to be! We're getting married at the stone house which is just on the a34. There's afew wedding fayres coming up in september around stoke so will hopefully get some more info about things available locally. How long have you been engaged for?
  • febesuk1febesuk1 Posts: 139
    don't laugh....I have been engaged for 2 weeks

  • mrsH2bemrsH2be Posts: 13
    Congratulations, you're quick off the mark!!! We've been engaged for 2 1/2 years!!! Just never seemed to get round to it, first we had a baby, then i broke my leg and then we bought a house! Nothing can stop us now though! I'm determined. Where abouts are you from?
  • febesuk1febesuk1 Posts: 139
    Meir, near meir heath...the nice bit rofl
  • I'm from Stoke, but I don't live their anymore so I'm not marrying there. Was there at the weekend for a family wedding though
  • Hi

    I too live in Stoke am getting married 1st Sept 2010 at Lake Windemere though. Have provisionally booked the hotel and have seen the dress I want. I can't wait image
  • lnbplnbp Posts: 25
    hey im a stokie aswell! we re getting married on 7th august 2010.

    febes - have you enquired at caverswall castle yet? we did not long ago and they want £11k just to hire the place and nothing else!

    has anyone else made any proper plans yet? we have booked the church and venue but nothing else yet, everyone says its too early!!!
  • febesuk1febesuk1 Posts: 139
    Inbp hello! We are getting married on the same day! how freaky! And OMG at caverswall price! that would leave us with £4k left for everything else!

    What church you marrying in Inbp?

    We are meant to be seeing the vicar on thurs. No I shall rephrase WE ARE seeing the vicar on thurs, he will make time! Men grr
  • mrskwanmrskwan Posts: 242
    getting married in manchester because we lived there when we got engaged and we have only just moved to stoke! Been engaged for 2 years and 2 years to got till 8th august 2010 xx
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