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hello, im in essex and my h2b is determined to have a band and not a dj... does anyone know any good bands / know where i can look for one?


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    lmm music managment is where we are getting ours from. They have some really good bands.... just google the name.

  • thank you xx i just want to make sure we get a half decent band that people will actually dance to..

    we went to a reception of someone i work with and she had an amazing band, but didn't think i could really have the same band as her?
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    We got to go and see our band play at a public gig before we put doen our deposit. They held the band till we saw them live and then had 2 weeks to pay the deposit. When you contact them ask them to send you demos of a few bands based on your requirments (budget / type of music)

    They have been really helpful and didn't mind that my wedding wasn't until 2010.

    You could have the same band if thats what you really wanted. We looked at getting the same band that our work have for the xmas party every year, but we thought that our work mates will have seen them several times before, so wanted something different.

  • to be honest it wouldn't bother me to have a dj, but my h2b is set on having a live band... i just want to make sure they are decent and actually turn up so would rather have someone that i've heard... where did you find your band?
  • Hi

    I can recommend The Shakers that we saw recently.  They were excellent & very professional.  The website is

    I checked out their website where you can listen to some of their songs & view their reportoire.

    It says that they can play music in between sets on their FAQs so no need for a sep DJ.  It even says, if suitable, they can play your first dance if it's not on the list!

    It says they travel all over so they will prob quote based on date & location.

    Happy planning!



  • Sorry, just noticed your post was 2008! Guess you're married by now image

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