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How do I tell....

... my initial first choice maid of honour that I just want her to be a bridesmaid? I have already asked her to be maid of honour, but she lives in Japan and at first I thouhgt we could work around it but now I am thinking that she won't be able to fulfill her pre wedding duties, and tbh not too sure I want her as a MOH anymore..... right pickle I have got myself into! please help!


  • clairemblackclairemblack Posts: 2,922
    Oh dear! I don't know to be honest, I more had the problem at the start as I'm having 2 BMs my sister and my best friend and my sister decided that she would be chief BM and sign the register ever though I'd told her before that I wanted it to be my best friend. I had to put up with a bit of a huff (staring me out, bottom lip quivering) but at least if she's in Japan you don't need to worry about that!! You could just put it in a way that suggests that you're doing her a favour because you don't want her feeling bad about being far away and not being there for everything? I don't know it depends on the type of person she is though!

    Hope it all works out OK!
  • febesuk1febesuk1 Posts: 139
    oh my god forgot the MOH or CB has to sign the register aswell! hmmm ty for the advice
  • clairemblackclairemblack Posts: 2,922
    Oops! Didn't mean to worry you more! Hope it all works out OK image
  • febesuk1febesuk1 Posts: 139
    no not more worried... just not actually 100% sure of MOH role, only that there is a lot for her to do pre wedding....
  • what does a MOH actually have to do?
  • febesuk1febesuk1 Posts: 139
    wish I knew. All I know is that she has to arrange the hen night and keep other BM's in order.....I think....
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