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I gained a new bridesmaid!!

I had thought I had everything sorted. image 5 bridesmaids (to H2B's 6 ushers, PLUS his 1 best man) - my chief bridesmaid, and 4 close friends... and also my little sister as flower girl.

Yesterday, I had been on the phone to my MIL2B talking weddings, because we REALLY need to crack on and at least book something. image We were getting all excited talking about it (I love it when someone else is excited too!), and then she asked whether I'd thought of asking H2B's brother's gf to be a bridesmaid. I had thought about it before, so it didn't need much consideration, so MIL2B put her on the phone and I asked her. (I was actually really nervous!) image

She was really really excited, and I'm really happy now that she's involved (because her bf - my brotherIL2B - is an usher).

So I just had to share, because I'm super excited about it all now, and I just want to book and plan it all nooowwwww!!!!! image




  • SquitSquit Posts: 363
    aww thats really cool, when are u getting married? i know how u feel im super excited too! Its so nice to talk to ladies on ere and share the excitement with u all! good luck xxx
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