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8th August 2010

Anyone sharing my day of celebration? I am so excited already. Organising cars and photographer now, tell me I am not alone in my 2 year prep madness image


  • Oh well the day before is just as good! we have our venue and church booked too but I haven't started looking for dresses yet. I am really excited too. Time is just gonna fly by I just know it!

    I'm already getting into trouble for boring my h2b with wedding plans - men just don't get it.

  • febesuk1febesuk1 Posts: 139
    OMG claire we are both getting married on the same day. And no you definitely aren't the only one with the wedding madness. It seems to be a female trait! Enjoy it hun! you deserve to! we are all marrying the men of our dreams after all!
  • mrskwanmrskwan Posts: 242
    thts my day! yay I have a datetwin!

    I'm wedding crazy, I booked the venue in 2007!! And I've got my dress xx

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