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We bokoed the church last night! We are going to get married! FANTABIDOSEE!!

Sorry just so excited!

Our Official date is 07/08/2010.

Going to the chapel and I am going to get married!!!



  • Rach2282Rach2282 Posts: 107

    I'm getting married in August 2010 too.

    Where are you haing your reception, we're having Kilworth House Hotel in Leicestershire.

    I've only booked the venue so far as i don't want to book things and change my mind as it is still 2 years away, although everyone keeps telling me it will go really fast.

    Enjoy the planning.

  • febesuk1febesuk1 Posts: 139
    we havent got the venue of our choice.......
  • whistlemytunewhistlemytune Posts: 1,666
    Awwww, what a lovely post!! Congratulations!! image I bet it feels more real now.

    Me and H2B really need to get cracking on booking things!!
  • MrsEBMrsEB Posts: 750
    that's brilliant! chuffed for you - your obviously very excited!

    We are getting married in August 2010 too, but on the 27th!

  • nikdunknikdunk Posts: 81
    Congratulations on booking the church, sorry to hear you havn't got the venue you wanted image

    Hope you manage to find another one

  • febesuk1febesuk1 Posts: 139
    we had a few in reserve so going to check those out, if not we will just keep hunting, as H2B doesn't want it at the sports and social club daft bugger that he is lol
  • nikdunknikdunk Posts: 81
    You'll find something eventually... we fell in love with one place, but they were really slow to get back to my parents about things so we decided that it prob wasn't best to go with them (there were a couple of other reasons too). A couple of weeks later we found the place where we're now having our reception! Letchworh Hall Hotel in Hertfordshire. The back lawn and the old part of the hotel will make for some gorgeous photos image Can't wait image
  • bless you im also getting married the same day as you. everything is booked! im really enjoying all the planning
  • congratulations lovie.....

    i am getting married september 2010. We are having a civil ceremony, in a Hotel, its all booked and we have even started paying for it..

    people keep telling me also that time will fly by.

    We are just enjoying the planning at the moment.
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