Allerton Castle Brides?

Any 2010 Allerton brides hiding out there? Thought I would set up a new thread for ideas and excitement (I was just getting lost with the other Allerton threads really)

My little countdown says 559 days to our wedding...surely our excitement can't be sustained that long?!image


  • Hi,

    We've just been pencilled in for March 2012! All very exciting, but could do with any advice re costs, flowers, colours,themes... the whole lot really!

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    Hey ladies,

    We have just booked Allerton to get married in, but not til 2014, which seems ages away but we wanted plenty of time to save. How's your plans going?

  • Hi huni, exciting isnt it : ) I have found Allerton Castle and wow totally feel in love with it! It looks ammmmazing... Im trying to find out a little info before i burst with excitement lol Could you please give me an approx price for booking the castle, obviously the price will change depending of number of guests but im scraed to get too excited if this beautiful place is way out of my price range?? Also is the booking options very limited?

    I would reeeeeally appreciate your help... Thanks... And hopefully will be able to exchange indeas and info on an Allerton Castle wedding very soon : )
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    Hey wowsa1

    Prices are online if you download the brouchure or get 1 sent you you, but a quick run down on prices are:

    It's £39 pp for the hire of the castle - at leased 80 ppl for the day then it's £10 pp for the night

    It's 78.50 + vat pp for the package we are going for which is canap????s & 4 course meal but I think they do a more basic package for around £56 + vat.

    Then drinks packages are £20.50 plus vat or £22.50 (I think) when we booked there was an offer on so we got a free upgrade of the drinks package so ask about that.

    Then it's £30 + vat for kids.

    Hope this is helpful, and another there will be another Allerton bride.

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    Allerton castle booked for 29.12.2013 yipppppeeeee : )
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    Wowsa1 congrats image

    Did u go 2 the wedding fayre on Sunday? I fell in love all over again!

    How's your plans coming along? X
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