2010 brides and photographers!

hiya ladies

just wondering have any of you lovely 2010 brides booked your photographer yet and who is it??

im getting married in Leeds, september 2010 and am in the process of looking for a photographer

ive had claire moody, sally hobson and mark pearson recommened to me by others and am just wondering if anyone else has any ideas??



  • Hi,

    I've just booked my photographer from Leeds!

    She's actually a friend of mine but is a part time professional photographer wanting more wedding experience!

    I have seen some past weddings and the photos are gorgeous, really natural!

    anyway I'm only paying around £500 for the full day inc album, cd's not copywrite, travel (as I'm getting married in the north east!) and she's really flexible!

    If ur interested let me know!


  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I booked my photographer over a year ago but I am in Glasgow so won;t be able to help.x

  • JayneSukJayneSuk Posts: 570
    We booked ours in October. We're getting married in Manchester but they're based in Burton on Trent, they'll travel anywhere I think. The company is co-owned by one of our friends, it's nice having someone taking our photos that we know and trust.


    Jayne x
  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    hiya missvic am very interested in any details thanks ladies.

    thanks jaynes ill have a look now x
  • nikibaby84nikibaby84 Posts: 1,320
    im also in the glasgow area...so not ,much help to you dear...hope u get someone fab image



  • ewainwriewainwri Posts: 156
    hi, i have an appointment with Sally Hobson next week. I have just had a photo shoot with a company called Fruition in wilsden they are awsome but on the pricey side. On thursday i am meeting with Kevin Reynolds he is in pontefract but sits within our budget perfectly and he is willing to travel, were getting married in Bingley.

    hope that helps

  • Snelly2beSnelly2be Posts: 160

    W're getting married in sept 2010 in newark and have just booked Matt at the magi hours, based in london. He is willing to travel and not extortionately priced. think his prices have gone up this year but the quality is superb and when we had our engagement shoot we both felt really at ease with him.

    Easy to find website if you search for the magic hours.

    Happy hunting :\)
  • ewainwriewainwri Posts: 156
    Hi missvic could you give me the details too please?

  • I am using this company. The guy is called Dom and for what you get the prices are really good. He did my friends wedding a few years ago and you didn't even notice he was there and his photos are really nice, You get full copywright too which I think is a must. I am in manchester but i'm sure he would travel x


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  • lettypoplettypop Posts: 712
    I'm also in Glasgow, booked Laura Devlin. Who did you other ladies get?
  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    hiya pinklady0307 im planning on seeing sally hobson too, she looks very good! when are you getting married hunny ?

  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    hiya pinklady0307 im planning on seeing sally hobson too, she looks very good! when are you getting married hunny ?

  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    hiya pinklady0307 im planning on seeing sally hobson too, she looks very good! when are you getting married hunny ?

  • I'm near Rochdale and booked easyweddingphotos last night.

    I want to do my own album so they were perfect for me cos they take upto 1000 pics and I get the cd and copywrite! All for £360 + travel costs!
  • ewainwriewainwri Posts: 156
    hi futuremrsrich

    im getting married July 2010. Sally Hobson is just up the road from me, she is the last of my shortlist to be interviewd. am seeing her next thursday 2nd april, can let you know if you want.

    where are you getting married?

  • Hi ladies,

    I'm in Edinburgh, getting married in Sept 2010 at Airth Castle nr Stirling and we have just booked our photographer too. Finally decided after much deliberation that we are going with Paul Walker Images who are a husband and wife team. I met Kathyn at the Edinburgh Wedding Show and really liked her so set up a meeting. Paul was absolutely wonderful with my son who was there with me when I met him (H2B was running late). Really pleased with my choice - wedding day can't come soon enough now lol! xx
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    I have been asked to issue a correction to previous posts. Here are some facts:


    -          Laura Devlin is the only registered director for Characterkidz Limited. Natural Flair is trading name for Characterkidz Limited as confirmed in email by Laura and publicly displayed on their Facebook page which I have a screen grab of (this has now been changed to remove reference to Characterkidz, however a Google search will display this).

    -          The address on Natural Flair website has changed from Characterkidz  address since my posting – 2 other addresses are now listed. I have a screen grab of the Characterkidz address being used. It is law that the registered address of a company is displayed on their website.

    -          Laura offered me £650 compensation on 8th April. I have only received £85 and she has now said I will be receiving no more until further notice as she is now in the process of declaring bankrupt. This being  the case, I do not believe either Character Kidz/Natural Flair can continue to trade as Company Directors cannot have been declared bankrupt.

    -          Natural Flair website is registered to Laura Devlin of Characterkidz. Must be registered to company if intended to trade or make money. Website resigered beginning of January 2013.

    -          Even though the website was only registered at the beginning of this year, there is a testimonial to say someone had been a customer for ‘many years’.

    -          I have tried to contact Laura through 2 email addresses I had available – she has now closed down both of these email addresses.

    -          I tried to contact Laura through Natural Flair – they have been extremely uncooperative and have now blocked my email address (after one email), have threatened me with ‘slander’ and ‘harrassment’. This is not the type of company I would like to be working with for my most special day!


    You can take waht you like from this.....

    I have copies of emails/screen shots of websites/publicly available information etc to back everything up here.


    I do not want this to happen to any other brides/mothers/fathers.

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