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Hollywood Dreams Dress

Is anyone else having a Hollywood Dreams dress?


  • Is anyone else having a Hollywood Dreams dress?
  • I'm having the Tallulah gown in red.....well not 100% on wether i'll have the tallulah bodice yet as do like a few others but will deffinately be having the Tallulah skirt .... It's HUGEEEE and gorgeous!

    Which one are you having???

    xx Laura xx
  • Hi Laura,

    Sounds beautiful! I'm having Pascale in baby-pink. Can't wait to see it again in January! It is huge too but I felt like a princess in it! As soon as I tried it on I knew it was the one. I didn't want to take it off.

    Are you wearing a petticoat?

    Sam x
  • Jane2203Jane2203 Posts: 675
    I'm wearing Ophelia in red. I LOVE it!!

    Although despite is fitting perfectly a few months ago I've somehow managed to put loads of weight on so now it doesn't even come close to fastening. Aaaargh! Diet time!!!

    I'm planning on wearing a hoop underneath. I've tried it with a Jupon 128 (I think that's right??) and I liked it with that size. I'm planning on hiring one from my dress shop.

    What about everyone else?

  • Hollywood Dreams dresses are AMAZING!!

    I'm wearing Hollywood dreams dress 'Leah' in baby pink(its a bit like Caprice) its absolutely fabulous..huge skirt too and the bodice just makes my waist tiny i love it...3 more weeks til i get to wear it image
  • Hi Jane,

    I found a website that sells petticoats. I was going to hire one from the shop where I have bought my dress but the hire is just as much as the cost of the petticoat if I buy online. I was looking at the Jupon ones. I will ring them and quite them the Jupon 128 and if they say it will be good then I will order. Thank you!

    When is your big day?

    Hi MrsHanks2Be,

    I would love to see pics of you after your wedding! Especially as you are wearing pink!

    I hope you have a wonderful day,


  • They are stunning dresses aren't they - yours all sound gorgeous ladies , and MrsHank2be - lucky you, you get to wear yours very soon.....Hope you have a fabulous day!

    I think i'll probably wear a hoop, just to give it the extra boomph ...not that it needs it!

    Im trying it on again on the 14th august, just to double-check its definately what i want so i'll decide then i think.

    Unfortunately , not getting married until 20/11/2010 so got ages to wait yet!

  • Is it just me, or do you look at other dresses and think yes, nice, but not close to Hollywood Dreams? I just really dont think anything comes close to them. the quality of the corset is amazing. They really make your waist disappear! Im wearing Bella in white. Cant wait!image xx
  • Hi ladies,

    It's so nice to know that there are other people also in love with these dresses.

    I went to Pronovias in London and tried on 7 dresses but all I could think about was the Hollywood Dreams dress. I hadn't even tried it on and knew I wanted it on. As soon as I tried on a Hollywood Dreams dress I knew I was on the right track. It was the 3rd one I went for in the end. I just can't wait til April next year!

    Has anyone got any pictures on them in their dresses?

  • I have got a stunning Hollywood dreams Grace dress for sale. It has been customised with extra crystals. It has never been worn. It is a size 12 (with a corset back)

    Its is VERY resonably priced as it is taking up so much room in my house lol.

    If you are interested please message me

    Many Thanks

    Ruth [email protected]
  • sirenuksirenuk Posts: 12
    i must have tried on at least 20 dresses now andn im frustrated nonwe of them say 'im the one for you'

    i know for a fact a silk taff pick up corsetted holywood dreams dress with a huge train and roses would be the one but theres none no suppliers in my area!!!!!!!!
  • pinar123pinar123 Posts: 122
    yayyyyyyyy im having caprice in pale pink, cant wait to waer it, only 64 days to go : )

    Im getting married next year and i just cant wait to wear my dress.

    I searched for months for a dress, tried on dozens and i was just not happy. Every dress i tried just didnt give me that glamorous WOW factor i was looking for. Then i tried a HD dress and the deal was done. The quality on these dresses are outstanding and the fact that you can create your own design and have a one of a kind wedding dress is fantastic! If you are thinking of getting a Hollywood Dreams dress DO IT! You will regret it if you dont, they are the best there is.

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