Wedding car cancelled!!

After having such a lovely morning - got dress ordered and my wedding shoes arrived, just logged onto my e-mails to find my lovely morros minor wedding car i booked in March has been canelled!- im so annoyed! its the first wedding item i booked because i wanted something a bit vintage,quirky and different! Im in kent, can anyone help me?? any good recomendations ladies?


  • Hi Happydayz,

    Not sure who you booked your original car through, but here are a few other companies that deal with Kent: /cars/Home.aspx

    Not sure if the links will work, but if not copy and paste.

    Hope that helps

  • oh many thanks thats a great help! - i've e-mailed a couple to see if they are available x

  • My car got cancelled too the day before the wedding in August '16. Avoid at all costs cars4wedding in Kent

    appaling service 

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