FYEO Portraits

Hi Girls,

Just wondered if anyone is considering doing this. Although a little expensive it looks like great fun and would be a nice surprise for the groom

Let me know what you think image



  • saratipsaratip Posts: 159
    Check out the half price offer before the end of the month

    I've just booked it :-O

  • Emma_babs1Emma_babs1 Posts: 1,119

    I did one of these for Valentines day!!! Went to the High Wycombe studio and it was such an amazing experience!!!!

    Was going to do another for his wedding pressie but have decided not to purely as he already has some gorgeous piccies of me now!!! But will definitely be going back after the wedding for their baby boudoir shoot when hopefully will be sucessful in trying!!!

    Cannot recommend this enough, I had Jaime who was fantastic. Made me feel completely at ease wearing nothing and came out feeling like a supermodel!!!! I am sooo proud of the photos that we have them openly on display in the bedroom and all our friends have seen them! lol.

    Good luck and enjoy it!!!

  • Hi

    I would def have them done, my sister had them done and they're absolutely stunning! Well worth the money. Also her h2b thougt they were amazing. Go for it!!!
  • saratipsaratip Posts: 159
    Wow , thanks ladies.

    I've been thinking of doing it for a while now and when i saw the half price offer i thought stuff it i'm gonna do it ha ha.

    Will probably leave it nearer to the wedding though so i can drop a few more pounds image
  • Hi! I had a Boudoir shoot and I LOVED it! Definately do it - you won't regret it! I didn't use FYEO as they were a little pricey for Albums (which was what I wanted) but there are loads of good things said about them on YAYW!

    If you're based 'up North' have a look at Nicola's work:


    Let us know how it goes though!

  • saratipsaratip Posts: 159
    Thanks Alexcat.

    I'm very nervous bout it but also looking forward to it. Just got to keep it a secret now till next August...lol x
  • Oh i'm glad to hear such good reviews here- I have mine booked for next month- am currently trying to decide what to take with me for the shoot!
  • saratipsaratip Posts: 159
    Did you take advantage of the halp price shoot??? So gald i spotted that.

    I will probably have to buy some new stuff to take with me.

    Hope it goes well hun x
  • No unfortunately I booked it ages ago (they've since had masses of really good offers) but nevermind! Will post on here after to let you know how it went -definitely won't be posting the pictures though!
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    Glad there's a thread on this, I'm really torn whether to do one or not. I like the idea and know my h2b would love it but what are you girls planning on doing with the print/pictures when you've got them? If I was to do a shoot I'd probably just want one or two really good prints but then would be a bit too shy to put them up or show them off so think they will end up living under the bed! Hmmm... what do you think? x
  • saratipsaratip Posts: 159
    Not really thought that far ahead too be honest. Will just wait and see how they turn out first i think x
  • cazzie36cazzie36 Posts: 1,433
    i would love to but its so expensive xx
  • saratipsaratip Posts: 159
    only 2 days left to book the half price offer girls!!
  • Im doing one in Nov. I found that half price offer so i booked it. Dont know how pricey the extra pics will be but I figure H2B can have a look at them and if he wants some more printed he can pay for it!!!
  • saratipsaratip Posts: 159
    LOL. Good thinking image
  • Emma_babs1Emma_babs1 Posts: 1,119
    You don't get to buy your photos on the day. They go up on a website with a password so only you can access them and you then have 28 days I think to order pictures.

    I warn you they are expensive but they are well worth it. Either that or if you know a good friend who has photoshop then you can be sneaky and download them then airbrush out the copyright image that is plastered all over them. Trust me it works! lol

    But with regards to being embarrased to put them up - I'm not an amazing extrovert and am the sort of girl who worries that my skirt is too short on a night out. BUT we have them up in the bedroom where our friends have all seen them and I've even showed them to family as I was sooo happy with how I looked!!!! Because they are tasteful and so beautifully done you really won't be embarrased at all about anyone seeing them.

    Just have fun and then enjoy the limelight when people see them!! :\)

  • MrsDaveMrsDave Posts: 519
    Hi ladies,

    I found this offer on lastminute - http://www.lastminute.com/lmn/pso/catalog/Product.jhtml?CATID=102271&PRODID=823970076

    What a bargain!! Only thing that puts me off is the cost of the photos, apparently they're approx. £80 each!!

    Does anyone know of where you can get boudoir shots done in Essex?

    Thanks x
  • Rhi87Rhi87 Posts: 136
    Hi ladies i really really wana do a boudoir shoot for my h2b, its defo not something he'd be expecting image and i think he'd love it!!! im from west mids... anyone know of anythin round here... i know a studios in hinkley do it... ive had a fashion shoot there n they wer fab!!! keep this goin girls its a good topic lol!! xx
  • I know this sounds so stupid, but i saw this in an article in a magazine, i really liked the idea, H2B saw it and said hed hate it if i got my kit off like that, i said why and he said that he wouldnt want another man or woman to see me like that??!! i havent mentioned it since but just wondered if anyone else thinks thats stupid, hes so jealous!!! xx
  • Rhi87Rhi87 Posts: 136
    hmmm i was wonderin how my h2b would feel... i dnt think he'd have any problem with a female photographer though, and id definatly prefer a female but i dnt think he'd go mad if it was a man. there not seedy photos there so flattering and lovely... almost romantic. i dnt think its stupid hun, perhaps hes worryin theyll be photos in bad taste?? xx
  • Well he hates anything seedy, lapdancers, glamour models etc. i think FYEO look amazing, hes more of a feely man tho if you get me??? Because of my dress i cant wear a bra so ive bought a lil tulle tutu with pants in and a pair of diamonte nipple tassels!!! ive got a feeling he wont even look he'll just take them off and get down to it, looking doesnt bother him he likes to feel and touch, are any other H2B like that?? xxx

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  • oh and btw he hates peephole bras, suspenders and quarter bras too!!!
  • Rhi87Rhi87 Posts: 136
    ok so maybe he wont like the photos too much.... why dont you have some normal fashion ones dun wearin a nice dress or something??? lovin the tutu idea tho... sounds wkd. im gona do practical day time underwear bt splash out on something sexy for when we are on our own lol!!! x
  • jacksukjacksuk Posts: 215
    YEAH - do it, this was a great experience. i am quite conscious of body/weight etc but felt so at ease with the photographer and the photos are fantastic. i have to say Golden girl that there is no way I show them to anyone else but hubby but he keeps the book under the bed and we wont go into the details but i'll say it is 'handy!' for him to keep it there!!!

    I love looking back at them sometimes too - if you do it def take your wedding underwear and I did wedding necklace too (pressie from hubby).

    I didn't actually have time to get the albumn beforehand so i ended up showing the pics as his pressie and letting him chose the ones for the albumn and strangely he loved different ones from the ones I would have chosen so letting him choose worked quite well. Good luck girlies!!
  • thanks, yeah the tutu was from ann summers! ive had a problem finding something thats a statement but that is pink and bridal!!! my dress is a hollywood dreams in pink so it totally matches!!!! the tulle and the dress and the colour, i love it!!! the nipple tassels(which ive never wore b4) are just something i thought that was different for the wedding night, he wont expect them, he could love them or hate them, but he keeps joking that he'll have a big squeeze of my boobs while doing the first dance, im horrified at the thought but now having a giggle at his face when he feels a diamonte heart nipple tassel!!!! LMAO!!! that would be a picture and a half!!!

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  • Hi, yeah i have had fashion ones done, he loves them, actually so much he blew it up into a 5ft glossy poster!!! thats wen he lived at home, we are now in our own home and that poster is rolled up in the garage!! its a shame cuz it cost him such alot to blow up, we have had photos done together as well and we have a huge canvas on the wall above our fireplace, that was a present to him when we moved in, we are looking to replace it tho, im a keen photographer and could take another one and develop it myself but im thinking wait for the wedding and get one of those photos on a canvas, that would be gorgeous!!!! i have also have my cat in a photo shoot and shes on a canvas (we dont have any children so shes our baby and spoilt rotten if you cant tell!!!! ) xxxx
  • All,


    i had my FYEO experience this week and have a couple of notes for anyone thinking of doing the same,

    1. Not all offers are the same, I didn't get full make up as it "wasn't included in my voucher" but til got told this when I arrived at the studio.  I don't wear make up normally so this was quite a disappointment.

    2. If, like me you have discounted voucher off one of the many gift type web sites then the actual shoot  is quite short and quite hurried.

    although I was made very welcome I was sat on my own for ages before the shoot started so was shaking like anything by the time I had a camera pointed at me.  

    I have not seen my picures yet so can't comment if they end result is any good, but the late start, waiting around and rushed feeling didn't make me feel the million dollars others have talked of when they left the studio. Maybe when I see the pics I will change my mind.

    maybe if I had a husband to show the  pics to I would feel different, but for those if you looking to do some thing for yourselves just be warned its not all it's cracked up to be,


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