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any of my fellow march brides trying 4 a baby??

anyone with me!?

we are now trying after our march 20th wedding image



  • NYproposalNYproposal Posts: 422
    Sorry, not me! I'm only 25 and more interested in travelling than having babies right now. Definitely on the agenda for the future but need a few more holidays first!! Best of luck to you though xx
  • MrsKiraSRMrsKiraSR Posts: 1,424
    We would like to start trying in about July as i really want a spring baby (Hubby is raring to go even more than me!), but unfortunately my ex left me with so much debt that i cant afford to go on Mat leave as i wont be able to service his debts... plan is to start trying to eek out some extra savings and then start the same time next year..

    Good luck to you and your hubby Jen!
  • kirstylou3kirstylou3 Posts: 66
    We started trying straight after our 13 March wedding and I am now almost 13 weeks pregnant image First scan tomorrow and I am so excited image

    Good luck!
  • Hey ladies,

    Haven't been on here in a while - busy with life and stuff at the mo. Nobridegene we started trying straight after our wedding too (6th March) and I fell straight away (actually conceived on honeymoon). I'm now 20 weeks pregnant with our first bundle and have my 20 week scan on Friday (30th July). Due 14th December but have a feeling that baby (think its a boy but staying team yellow) will be 10 days late and I'll have to be induced on xmas eve - that's my prediction image
  • We started trying in May and am now 26 weeks pregnant, due next February image

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