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Wedding Rings!

We picked up our wedding rings last week and they are amazing! H2B has now hidden them because he said I would show too many people! image As If! Lol! Just had to tell someone because it is just soooo exciting. xx


  • Hello Mrs Griff2B,

    I have just got our rings too, can't stop looking at them and trying mine on, haha!! Can't believe I am actually getting married in a few months!!

  • louzzuklouzzuk Posts: 489
    Hi Charlie_2010

    I know, its really exciting isn't it?! What date are you getting married? I'm 11th September, down to double figures now!! Woo Hoo!! xxx
  • carol_wild1carol_wild1 Posts: 478
    Ooh we have ours too...H2B has given his to the best man but mine is still sneakily stored in my draw so I can look at it when no-one is around! xx
  • We are getting married 19th Sept, so got a week to go until we are down to double figures, can't wait!!! xx
  • NowMrsR-HNowMrsR-H Posts: 280
    What is everyones rings like .... pics would be great. I have a 2mm white gold eternity band with 15 tiny diamonds.... really love it but don't know if i should have a plain band!?!?
  • We ordered my ring today - so excited!! image

    H2B already has his, he's got a 6mm plain white gold band. I'm having a 3mm platinum band with 8 diamonds evenly spaced around it (one for each year we've been together).

    Can't wait till I can wear it!!!!


  • racerukraceruk Posts: 157
    Mine is in my avatar pic image Not sure if it's big enough for people to see well though?!
  • These are ours , I bought them 3 years ago .....and they still fit hahahaha !!! Love them !

  • They're gorgeous FlowerFairy!!

    Mine is a 3mm platinum band with diaminds round the middle, I totally love it!! I only have little pody fingers, so was really worried, wouldnt be able to find a ring that didnt look too big, but it's perfect!!

  • jop84jop84 Posts: 122
    We've got ours too but my mum kept them at her house so I couldn't keep trying it on and showing everyone!

    Mind you, I can't blame her - I did go round there wearing it image
  • Thank You Charlie_2010, They're Platinum tension rings! We Love em hehe ! Ur's sound delightful x
  • We bought ours online and I couldn't stop wearing mine...until it got stuck on my finger image

    We're both having plain platinum bands and they are engraved on the inside image
  • Coco2010ukCoco2010uk Posts: 857
    The boy has his (collected it on Sunday), Im so excited once mine is finished and I have it a few weeks (I think it will be really hard not to wear it and pretend Im already married), whoo hoo! Flower fairy I love the bling. xx
  • tinaashtontinaashton Posts: 13
    Hi My H2B has my wedding ring & can't wait to see it when he comes home from work. We got his a couple of weeks ago. Can;t wait to see how it fits!! Our date is 12th Sept. Its so difficult not to tell people. Hope all plans are going well x
  • archersomearchersome Posts: 67
    I finally picked mine up last weekend and made final payment. I have a cross over ring with a princess cut diamond in my engagement ring so had to have my ring specially designed and made.

    My ring is a lightning bolt design that fits around my engagement ring and has a step down at the left side. Under my engagement ring diamond I have 3 small princess cut diamonds set tight against each other - they kind of underline my engagement diamond.

    Can't wait to wear it for real!!!
  • Princess24ukPrincess24uk Posts: 604
    We got h2b's ring ages ago, but I ordered mine 3 weeks ago, got another 3 weeks til it's ready! I've got a 3mm white gold diamond cut band, it sparkles so much I love it! So exciting!
  • Hi,

    I have a 2mm 18ct gold U shape wedding ring with 9 diamonds spaced out evenly (9 is my lucky number and we're getting married on 09/09/10) hehe!

    H2B's ring is 6mm 9ct gold with a white gold band in between.

    I keep putting mine on when no-one is around....hehe! So excited!
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