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7th of august


its really starting to come round quick how every1 doing with there planning ive had a busy week ive paid the hotel, food, limo, honeymoon, got bridemaids dress fitting 2moz. and been sending out evening invites. im started to get very excited and cant wait to try on my dress again image


  • teeniukteeniuk Posts: 1,046
    Hi hun.

    We been off on holiday this week and we have been sorting wedding stuff out too, got rings, rang a few suppliers to clarify stuff etc.

    Bit annoyed with lady who is making BM dresses, they had measurements done earlier in the year and she said for me to ring her in May coz the dresses would be ready for 1st fitting, rang her last week to be told she aint even started them yet!!!!!!


    I explained that the only reason I rang is because she told me to ring??????

    Anyway, im going round there next week to finalise stuff with her and hopefully it wont be too long B4 they are ready and the girls can try them on image

    You're right though, time is going so so quickly now and its all getting a bit manic in the run up to paying for everything, exciting though lol.

  • hi! i'm really stressed about the countdown now - i think that i've planned most things but i'm not sure about timings - like when to book my hair and makeup appointments, and when the car will pick us up... i wish someone would organise me!
  • pinkyperkypinkyperky Posts: 159
    Hi I'm getting married on 7th August too
  • sczezowssczezows Posts: 117
    I'm beginning to worry now too! I'm worried I've left some things too late and it'll all go wrong! And I keep finding new things that need doing! Argh!!
  • 60 days to go ladies!!! x
  • East2bEast2b Posts: 22
    Hi 7th August buddies!!

    Is anyone else starting to have crazy dreams yet?.. I am. e.g. Nobody turns up for wedding.. or forget to make hair appointment and have to turn up at church with a really dodgy hair do!! he he!!

    Anyway, think I have most things done but kind of panicking incase i'e forgotten something major!!

    Things i still have to do:Have my 1st dress fitting

    Alter BM's dresses

    Buy flowergirl dress

    Buy shoes for everyone!!

    Make a table plan

    Make the order of Service

    Have a Make-up trial

    Buy gifts for Bm's and Best man

    Confirm def numbers with venue.. just waiting on last of the rsvps

    Get a Navy blue kilt jacket made for my little boy (kilt shop doesn't supply navy jacket)

    Choose hymns for service

    Possibly decide on special reading for ceremony

    Think thats all..image Is this ok or am I mega unorganised compared to others?? ... Just can't seem to find time to do all the last minute things as im so busy at work/being a mum!! How are you all getting on? x
  • helen756helen756 Posts: 186
    I have been having weird dreams for ages, lol! Hair and makeup feature in mine a fair bit - I walk into the church without my hair done because my hairdresser forgets to come! Now I have had makeup trial and hair trial these seem to be less.

    I have booked my dress fittings and my BM fittings, need to get present for my H2B, have vaccinations for honeymoon, print order of service inserts, confirm everything with suppliers and pay final deposits, have consultation with DJ, get my engagement ring polished and collect wedding rings. Just lots of little things now...but not many weeks to do it in.
  • I've been having wedding dreams for ages too, about all sorts of things, but they tend to stop once I get whatever it was sorted!

    I've got to:

    - Make a table plan

    - Finish making the Order of Service

    - Have meeting with venue

    - Finalise cake

    And I think that is pretty much it! Have got a few things sorted recently, feeling like there is something massive that I've forgotten though!

  • alewisukalewisuk Posts: 5
    me too!! However, feel pretty relaxed and have evrything done but usually i'm the most disorganised person, i think its coz my fiancee has been brilliant and we've done evrything together. Not stressed at all so i'll probably freak out closer to the day image
  • BKFlamerBKFlamer Posts: 37
    Hey girlies,

    I too have been having very bizarre dreams about the wedding and seem to have quite a few little things left to do and a couple of bigger things (I am also have a feeling that I have forgotten something incredibly important!).

    I'm also starting to panic about when to get it done by as in the midst of writing reports for my kiddies, which seems to have taken all my evenings this week and I'm still not finished!

    Hoping to get a few more things sorted soon so I feel back on top of things! Had bit of drama getting the evening invites out as some of our guests were incredibly slack at replying to our day invites!

    Getting through my panics by thinking about how fabbie the day will be and how I can't wait to marry my gorgeous boy - I was at a Snow Patrol concert last Saturday and they played the song we will walk back down the aisle to and it bought tears to my eyes and I got incredibly excited!

  • teeniukteeniuk Posts: 1,046
    Im feeling pretty organised too image


    BM dress fittings

    My final dress fitting

    Buy the paige boys shoes

    1 or 2 gifts to buy

    Buy a guest book

    Pick up the table plan the day B4........and I think that's it

    Had our consultation with the venue yesterday to confirm the menus and just the whole running order of the day, and it all seemed very real. Our coordinator is sooooo lovely and she is just as excited as we are image

    A final invoice from the venue is due to arrive in 2 weeks and then the final balance is due 2 weeks after that.

    Icant believe how time is flying by.

    Are all you girls as nervous as me????????

    Nicki xxxx
  • I know what you mean about it becoming real, we had a wedding pre-shoot last weekend with our photographer and just seems that what we have been planning and talking about its going to be here very soon!

    At our wedding preparation, they told us to have a project for after the wedding as many couples think that there is something wrong simply just because after the big day they haven't got anything to look forward to. So I'm starting to slow down on the wedding planning now and look for other projects for after the wedding!
  • Quoted:
    I was at a Snow Patrol concert last Saturday and they played the song we will walk back down the aisle to and it bought tears to my eyes and I got incredibly excited!

    Hi BKFlamer - which Snow Patrol song is it? We are leaving the church to Chasing Cars played on the piano!

  • hi all,

    i keep feeling like im missing something 2, i have still got abit to do.

    Im really excited but i just feel that i cant wait to be mr and mrs now, i just wish the day was here - mainly because of the expense of everything. The wedding really is taking every penny and we have been planning this day for 2yrs - i just want to enjoy our day!!!!!!!!!

    anyway enough moaning lol

    only 7 weeks to go


  • also want to add.........

    my h2b doesnt think that we are having a honeymoon, but we are - i have booked us a holiday to lanzarote (we have 2 small children so i didnt want to travel too far) i have paid for it all without him knowing so that i can surprise him on our big day! I have to sort alot out for that, including a passport for our little girl, clothes for us and the kids, spending money etc etc

    i cant wait to tell him ----- oooooooo so exciting!

  • pinkyperkypinkyperky Posts: 159
    1st dress fitting last Saturday - last dress fitting 10th July and get to take my dress away seen as I don't live too local to the shop. Thankfull just needed taking in from the bust area but otherwise perfect and much nicer than I thought it would be!

    I've got to get retro sweets for my vintage/retro sweet hamper for guests. I'm paying the registrar today!

    Everything else is sorted. Just need to do a draft plan of who is doing what the day before and how we are all getting there/back so we do not need to panic or sort that out at the last minute!

    Need to get a really nice gift for my H2B!!!! Not sure if sentimental, day experience gift, something he will love!
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