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1st Dance Songs... what are you having ??

Cant decide what to dance to

what are you having xxx image


  • We are thinking of having Michael Buble- everything or Jason Mraz- im yours. Just a bit worried there a little fast.

    What do you think?
  • teeniukteeniuk Posts: 1,046

    Cant wait lol.

    Nicki xxx
  • lh466lh466 Posts: 263
    We're having At Last (Etta James version) sang by our band, we've been together for 14 years so it's pretty apt!
  • helen756helen756 Posts: 186
    We are having Adele - Make Me Feel Your Love

  • LeanneJamesLeanneJames Posts: 206
    We're having Eric Clapton - Wonderful tonight, it was the only one me and DP could agree on, though he really wanted Beyonce crazy in love!
  • kethryukkethryuk Posts: 106
    Our's is Meatloaf's heaven can wait. We both love the sentiment, and as I get free reign with all the rest of the music, I wanted to have something he liked for it.
  • j8nna_sj8nna_s Posts: 25
    We're having David Gray, Be Mine.

    It took a long time to agree on something though!

    J xx
  • Ray Lamontage - Let it be me then Eric Clapton Wonderful tonight

    Our last dance is to Jason Mratz - I'm yours
  • Mrs247Mrs247 Posts: 279
    We're in debate about this at the moment! He's set on Everything by Michael Buble which I agree is lovely but I'm not convinced it's completely "us" - we've talked about One Day Like This by Elbow too, but not sure if it's too slow! Friends of ours had Better Together by Jack Johnson which was perfect for them and just the right tempo - I want something like that which I know is a perfect fit!

  • All your songs sound great.... the reason i asked is because we are in a mess with ours... image we have "our" song which is Brian Adams Everything i do i do it for you.... but i love lonestar Amazed which i think is perfect but we cant decide .. do you reckon we could have to two ??? image

  • BlaireukBlaireuk Posts: 181
    We're having our band's version of Van Morrison's Into the Mystic. Still got another to pic but undecided as yet...
  • Mullzer80Mullzer80 Posts: 97
    We're having You and Me by Lifehouse. We first heard it on Gavin and Stacey and cause we're huge fans we thought it was very apt! image
  • sasha_wiresasha_wire Posts: 197
    We're having rule the world by take that.
  • the script-im yours very much us xx
  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    we're having ray lammontage- you are the best thing xx such a lovely song and not too slow
  • We're having rule the world, but its the version sung by Revelation choir x
  • MrsNorth2BMrsNorth2B Posts: 132
    we're having 'you make it real' by James Morrison - the words describe us exactly. It was playing in the car one day and H2B said it was describing us exactly we should have it as our wedding song - I burst into tears and get emotional at the thought of dancing to it everytime I hear it...I know such a saddo!
  • Is anyone having first dance lessons to choreograph their dance? x
  • hi

    were having rule the world by take that too image were also having a second song bon jovi bed of roses.
  • we are not having choreograph but could do with it lol!! we are having someone play the song live so we are gonna get it shortened to 2 mins so people don't get bored of us just turning in a circle lol!
  • Verity12Verity12 Posts: 253
    When I need you by Leo Sayer as H2B is in the forces and he lives on camp during the week, and has to go away for weeks/months at a time, so the words were apt.

    Had 3 dance lessons a couple of weeks ago while he was on leave before going to the USA (until the week before our wedding) so we have a waltz sorted out...he's never danced before and I haven't for 30 years so it will be, um, interesting!
  • missisp2bmissisp2b Posts: 147
    We were thinking "Greatest Day" by Take That - too cheesy?
  • CelticDreamsCelticDreams Posts: 1,013
    Chasing cars - Snow Patrol

  • BamalooBamaloo Posts: 1,048
    at present it's wild horses by the sundays

    also like sway by bic runga and halo by beyonce!!

    Follwoing on from is anyone have a choreographed dance, is anyone doing a funny dance like evolution of dance???

  • katie40ukkatie40uk Posts: 1,264
    we are having 'you to me are everything' so its nice and upbeat!

    love everyones choices! i also love rule the world and adele make you feel my love xx
  • kerrylukkerryluk Posts: 24
    We are having I Will by Christopher Cross, I had never heard of it before I met H2B who chose it, but it is a beautiful song.
  • Venice10Venice10 Posts: 7
    both those songs are fantastic.i like shania twain-from this moment,but it is a bit slow at the begining.i also like aerosmith-dont wanna miss a thing.dont know which one to h2b wants to go with frank sinatra-moon river,but it isnt really my era,but a nice song for first dance.we are having some private dancing lessons,so weve got to decide soon.
  • kate2008ukkate2008uk Posts: 137
    Sade - By Your Side
  • tina00uktina00uk Posts: 197
    we are having lonestar-amazed

  • We are having jai ho (you are my destiny) by pussy cats dolls but we are doing it with the wedding party. We have had a dance lesson and had a routine choreographed!

    Looks really good so far and it will be a surprise to everyone there

    Btw none of us can dance but all 10 of us are giving it a good go

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