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20th November Wedding


I'm new to all this, got engaged at easter and getting married in november so it's all go!!

How's everyones plans going? we've got dresses, suits, church and venue sorted but still loads to do, any info/help would be really welcome!!

Our colour scheme is ivory, cocoa brown and gold, dya think we should get a completly different colour for the flowers or go for ivory, cream etc?

Thanks, will no doubt have more questions for you all soon!!



  • Maximusuk1Maximusuk1 Posts: 120
    Welcome to the forum!

    I would start looking at the following:

    Choosing the invitations

    Choosing a photographer

    The cake - are you making or having it made?

    The menus - we are going to our venue for our menu tasting tonight.

    The flowers

    With regard to the flowers, I would go to a florist with your colour scheme and see what they say - they will have a wealth of experience and will be able to advise you.

    Happy planning! image
  • I'm getting married then too - hope all goes well! Good luck x
  • gem999gem999 Posts: 51
    Hi Janeyk1982,

    Wow a wedding date buddy, how are your plans coming along?

    I think we have got most things sorted now, invitations, car, dresses, suits, church and reception venue, cake. Gotta book in to go for a food tasting. Photographer booked. Still gotta decided on flowers yet and not 100% decided on room decor but we're getting there!

    What time are you getting married? Ours is at 2pm.

    Good Luck xxxxx

  • Hello - I'm another 20th November bride. Getting married in Scotland but live in England at the moment. Only got two trips up to Scotland before the wedding and I haven't been up since Easter so that's keeping the stress levels high. Am just in the middle of making a checklist to make sure everything we need is taken up there either this weekend coming or in October when we go to have hair trials and meet the registrar!

  • gem999gem999 Posts: 51
    Great stuff, another 20th November bride!!

    Hope your organising is going smoothly, i've just written out the addresses for the invitation, still waiting on my fella to give me the last couple - will have to hurry him along!!

  • I am a 2pm girl on 20th too!

    Whoop - I am starting a new job (internal promotion) on Monday so have most bits done as I really wanted to focus on my new role although most weekend between now and the wedding we have some thing planned in

    Here is my timetable to date

    9 weeks - bmade shoe shopping / make up trials on counters

    8 weeks - London with momma to buy her motb outfit

    7 weeks - 10K running race that I have been training for (also has helped me keep my figure!)

    6 weeks - free!

    5 weeks - dress fittings and hair practice

    4 weeks - pre wedding photo shoot

    3 weeks - flower appointment

    Oh my!

    I am going to need the honeymoon at this rate!

  • I am a 20th Novemeber bride too!

    Good luck to you all!

    I am yet to meet my photographer (she is on holiday at the moment) and I have an appointment to have another look at the venue (about the 5th one now i bet theyre sick of me )

    Had my hair and make up trials and my dress is all good to go.

    One thing thats concerning me is, the church is only a very small one and they have no sound system as it is a tiny village church but i wanted a piece of music played during the signing of the register.

    Im worried a CD player will sound echoey...does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

    thats my biggest bug bear at the moment, im quite relaxed about everything else image x
  • Well I'm starting to well and truly panic with 5 weeks to go.... How are you girls doing? Are you staying calm?

    To make matters worse we started buying a flat two weeks ago, as if I wasn't stressed enough!
  • McGee2BeMcGee2Be Posts: 171
    I'm just excited although am starting to think nothing will be completed lol! 32 days!!!
  • 2 weeks ladies arggghh!

  • gem999gem999 Posts: 51
  • Less than 2 weeks now - 1 week and 6 days..............
  • oh my

    7 working days left at work for me!

    Can't quite believe how fast it has come round eeekkk

  • gem999gem999 Posts: 51
    Tomorrow is my last day at work!! Sooooooo excited i could burst! xxx
  • Wow gem I don't break up till next wednesday boo!

  • My last day is Tuesday - going with a meal with all the girls from work. Panicking that I don't really like the photos of my wedding hair trial but I didn't want to say I didn't like it on the day.... It's a bit late now :-/
  • awww scottish bride

    I hated my first hair trial it was awful and all fell out in 10 minutes. I complained to the salon as we had paid full price and they gave me another go free which I was delighted with - if you are not happy talk to the salon honestly I am sure they will offer you a free trial to have another go. I was very calm and just said how important it was to me and how I didnt feel special just rubbish - worked a treatimage

  • Unfortunately I'm in England until the day before the wedding so no time for a trial. I'll just have to say on the day and hope there is time to work together to get something I'm happy with.
  • I'm sure it will be perfect hon

    Just off to my final dress fitting eeek

  • gem999gem999 Posts: 51
    Good Luck Everyone!!!

    Hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy every minute.

  • Good luck girls

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