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our wedding, with pics!

omgosh! i cant beelive we are married! we had such an amazing day! and we got so lucky with the weather, everything went smoothly, and all the hard work was worth it. thought i would share a few piccys on here!

these were our place settings/name tag things, attached to all the champagne glasses for the toast


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  • mrslast2bmrslast2b Posts: 449

  • mrslast2bmrslast2b Posts: 449

  • mrslast2bmrslast2b Posts: 449

  • yvonneberryyvonneberry Posts: 116
    Very nice!!

    You look lovely and it looks like a wonderful day! Love the pictures. Great dress! : )
  • di64di64 Posts: 237
    congratulations happybride2b, it looks like you have a wonderful day, you all look lovelyx
  • mrslast2bmrslast2b Posts: 449

    thanks girlies image x
  • aww you look gorgeous hun, hope you had a wonderful day and good luck to you and your new husband image xx
  • sophie86uksophie86uk Posts: 53
    Wow you both looked lovely !!! what great pics !!! we also got married on 21st may ...what great weather we had !! random question did you go to mexico for your honeymoon cause i'm sure i saw you ?lol

    Soph x
  • MrsSavage2BMrsSavage2B Posts: 266
    Wow, you do look like a proper princess!

    Congratulations and glad you had a wonderful day..

  • mrslast2bmrslast2b Posts: 449
    omfg! sophie86 yes we went to mexico! wtf! how random is that! do you have fb? i will try find you? so i can see a pic, see if i recongnise you? lol. thanks for everyones congrats image x
  • sophie86uksophie86uk Posts: 53
    Thats crazy , thought it was you !! don't worry i'm not a stalker but i remember saying to hubby "awww look they are newly weds too" cause i think it said it on your jacket and i thought I wanted a jacket that said that lol image did you enjoy cancun? where did you stay? we were at great parnassus! you may have seen us my hubby had a crutch lol he did his knee in a week before the wedding. my profile pic is our cake topper right now, but when i get wedding pictures i will post it!!! how random is that !!!!!

    soph (at the moment i'm sophie marston)
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    hehehee o wow! i think i remember saying that! how funny! we stayed in riviera maya. hahaha must of been on the same flight tho! how cool! i was sooo sick on the plain on the way back tho image (in the loo tho lol) x sorry tmi x
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    nice to (sort of) meet you lol x
  • JvLwithBabyBoyJvLwithBabyBoy Posts: 2,740 New bride
    congrats!! your day looks amazing!xx
  • sophie86uksophie86uk Posts: 53
    Oh noooo I felt awful too on the way back , did you get back this Monday , were we on the same plane back as well? oh riveria maya sounded lovely!! I just can't believe its all over all though i'm not sad, i was getting quite stressed up to the wedding and now i'm a mrs which is all i wanted. Its very nice to kinda meet you too, i wish i had said Hi now lol , you must add more pics !!!

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    yeah i got back monday too! o man! i wish i knew b4! i got stressed out about 3 months b4, then was nice and calm since then, dunno what i was stressing about really coz all went smoothly. i love being a mrs, coz my head is nce and empty lol. i have nuffin to worry about atm... just getting on with everyday life, which is nice compared to all wedding worries lol.
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    Hi fellow May 21st bride! You look gorgeous in your pics, didn't we have great weather huh? Will post some of mine shortly, just waiting for the cd of the images next week image

    Karen xx
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    Beautiful hun x
  • You look amazin! Looks like u had a great day thats all you can ask for really image hope you enjoy married life x
  • MrsWessonMrsWesson Posts: 167
    Hey you look fab image and i love the hair thats exactly how i want mine image
  • kea421_ukkea421_uk Posts: 755
    you look like you a beautiful day and you look beautiful.

    congrats xx
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