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A few pics from our 29th May wedding

Still waiting on the full set of out pro ones, but got these from my photographers assistant, she was brilliant.

We had the most amazing day! I would like to write a report, will hopefully get round to it one day. I know you all love a piccie so hears a few from Dani and one from my cousin Joe, a budding photographer! its our thank you card picture.

Our harpist Margaret in the marble hall at clandon park, our wedding venue

Hubby tying his 'Older' brothers tie!!


  • Guests weren't allowed to take pictures in the tapestry room so I have to wait a while to see some ceremony pictures, here are my beautiful blonde bridesmaids, all 5 of them

    Tadaah We are married

  • Me and my girls again

    Your truly - I wish my skin was really that flawlessimage done my hair and make up

  • This is the reception room with the evening mood lighting it was brighter for the meal

    My beautiful cupcakes

  • Place settings name cards

    My table centres from

  • And me at the steps of Clandon Park

  • and this is the picture my cousin took

  • batgirl21ukbatgirl21uk Posts: 158
    Your dress is stunning and it looked a beautiful day
  • Thank you batgirl21 it was amazing! I have a cherish the dress coming up soon and we're having another bride & groom photo shoot, something a bit more modern. I just cant wait to wear my dress again!! x
  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442
    love your hair, gorgeous! x
  • HummoHummo Posts: 2,115
    congratulations, you look so so stunning x
  • mrslast2bmrslast2b Posts: 449
    wow ur venue looks stunning and so do you image congrats! xxxx
  • melwingmelwing Posts: 2,666
    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures. You look amazing image I love your venue and personal touches.

    I looked into booking Margaret as well but she was already booked for our wedding day...

    I've just posted my pro pics too image
  • AliciaKate85AliciaKate85 Posts: 841
    You looked beautiful, everything looked perfect x
  • viccipviccip Posts: 2,161
    You look stunning! The photos are amazing! Congratulations! x
  • popples82popples82 Posts: 608
    Oooo Clandon park lovely we looked there its amazing!Did you have Margret Watson as your harpist i had her the week before at my wedding i recognise her in the pic ha ha?!

    You look gorge by the way congrats x
  • Thanks Ladies! congratulation on all of your weddings too, have been looking at all your beautiful pictures image

    Popples82 he he yes we had Margaret, she was amazing bless her, she stayed another hour because the weather was bad and we were planning on going outside but because everyone stayed in the marble hall, she stayed and played away beautifully!

    Clandon park was amazing, we were so happy with everything! couldn't of asked for more.

    Looking forward to seeing all your pictures xx

  • MariaJukMariaJuk Posts: 159
    Amazing photos, you look beautiful! You say you're having a cherish the dress and bride and groom photo shoots, sorry not heard of these what are they? Are they included in your package? x
  • Hi Maria

    Thank you for your lovely comments image

    A cherish the dress is a photo shoot that you can have after the wedding which is typically more edgy in style. It also called trash the dress if you google it lots of pictures come up. something like this perhaps, huge in America

    I didnt like the term trash as I dont want to 'trash' it I'm going to cherish it, for mine I'm going to a disused railway and a nature park, my photographer has lots of ideas, this is her website We're calling it Cherish the dress and cherish the suit as my Husband is coming along with me to be in a few of the pics

    The Bride & Groom shoot is another shoot, pretending to be the wedding day though. My photographer had an assistant with him on the day (she took lots of detail shots and a few more which are on this thread), she wants to build a bigger portfolio in weddings so she is going to have us alone doing some more photos, again a bit more modern in style, I really want a picture walking (gracefully be dragged along by) a Dog too, which she has 2 that I can use image

    The cherish the dress is being done by a Michelle who I met on here, she done our engagement shoot, (I sound like I love having my picture taken, but I don't, I'm not photogenic, and need a good photographer!) image any way, she is really good! Neither were through my photography package, I just met Dani through my main wedding photographer.

    Most photographers offer the Cherish the dress/Trash the dress photo shoots!

    Hope that helps x

  • Got our pro pics now, yay! We love them!

    One of my many favs

  • kea421_ukkea421_uk Posts: 755
    absolutely beautiful pictures.

    I love your venue too, it's so gorgeous xxx
  • Thanks Kea34, it was the most amazing day!

    We had another photo shoot yesterday with Danielle King! she is amazing, she is just breaking into the wedding side of photography she was one of our photographers on the day and she wanted to get a few more shots, so off we went on our one month anniversary, here's a link and I will try some pics. Highly recommend having photos after the wedding, you get a completely different result!

    More pics here

  • I love this one, I love them all actually

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