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Ive sent out my all day invites (54 couples - some with kids) Ive had 3 declines and 6 formal acceptances so far (with 1 week togo deadline), I know some people are deffo coming ie my bmaids and parents etc but I thought the decline ratio was quite high? whats everyone elses rsvps like?

Trying to see the positive side of the saving money by them not coming but cant help feeling a little dissapointed.


  • Verity12Verity12 Posts: 253
    If it's a summer wedding I'd say the decline rate isn't bad as some people may have holidays booked. I know what you mean though...I was disappointed at every one as I really wanted everyone I'd invited to share our day.
  • MrsNorth2BMrsNorth2B Posts: 132
    Know what you mean, is hard getting declines as you wouldn't be inviting them if you didn't want them there. Unfortunately in the summer, especially August it can't always be helped as people book holidays etc. We are starting to get our RSVP's back as well and so far it hasn't been too bad as we sent 'save the dates' but even then there are a few people that booked hols and can't come.

    Try not to worry about it and as you say, just think of it as a few pounds saved! hehe
  • baby-babybaby-baby Posts: 1,877
    we have had our rsvp's for a while and from 115 people invited we have 87 people coming... so 25% of those we invited declined.

    I'd say you are doing ok so far.
  • peeweesmumpeeweesmum Posts: 96
    I could get myself really worked up with our declines - we sent out save the dates so why should they decline!? However, only one couple are on holiday - was outraged that they'd still booked but then figured if they don't rate our friendship high enough to postpone a holiday then they don't deserve a cherished place at our wedding (i should mention i'm morphing into a bridezilla at teh minute).

    Other couple's baby is due on the day. So i suppose i let them off image

    Plus declines give you the chance to bump people up. We really struggled cutting our guestlist down to 64 and had a few people we felt guilty about leaving off. And in my experience the bumped people have been so excited at being upgraded its been well worth it (free grub and booze after all!)
  • lucy_lu83lucy_lu83 Posts: 2,484
    We invited 98 and have ended up with about 87 to the day, some have declined to due holidays (h2b's cousins which we didn't want coming anyway!) and various other reasons which are understandable. I didn't exect that many declines, but don't begrudge them, the declines mean we have more money to spend on things like canapes for our other guests.
  • CelticDreamsCelticDreams Posts: 1,013
    We get married on 20th and our RSVP deadline is the 1st.
  • We invited 95 and 85 are coming, which I didn't think is too bad x
  • We haven't had that many back yet, deadline is 1st Aug. So far we've had two decline, but they are for very good reasons. I'm not too fussed if people can't make it, as long as the most important ones are there. x
  • helen756helen756 Posts: 186
    We invited 94 to our day and have 82 coming. I think about 10-20% is normal to allow for.

    Our evening has gone down too but we have a large wedding with 180 invited in total (included in this is the 94 day guests). We now have a total of 150 guests for the whole event so 30 declines which is about 16%. It is harder when you have smaller numbers but we were secretly quite pleased as we have saved some money on day budget and the numbers were going out of control image
  • Leanna1981Leanna1981 Posts: 90
    I was really worried with ours as we had lots of declines very quickly and hardly any acceptances.

    It turned out that of the 90 we invited 80 are coming which is not too bad - its just the people who can't come all let us know straight away.

    I guess people feel a bit more casual about it if they are actually coming...

    I'm sure you'll be fine.
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