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Wedding car rant...

We booked our wedding car with a company recommended by our photographer over a year ago. They seemed nice enough (although my H2B didnt take to the lady who owned the company at all and thought she was rude and patronising). But we went ahead and booked as we managed to get a £30 discount and I thought we had a good deal. We discussed the fact that our church and reception are in the same place so my H2B was only going to get to go in the car if they would take us for a drive after we got married, which they agreed to. So we were really happy.

Now it has come to the final payment in a couple of weeks, I thought it would be good to do it in person and discuss exactly how the day would run. So I called the lady and she started to be really funny with me - condescending and dictatorial. Saying she wouldnt meet us as she would only discuss the day a week before as she has SOOOO many weddings.

So I thought fine - can we discuss the 'drive' over the phone. She then said in order for us to go for a drive we wouldnt be able to have loads of photos outside the church when we walked out as we would need to go straight off in the car so it could go! I explained that we had discussed the plan for the day with the photographer (and her for that matter when we booked) and we were going to spend about 30 minutes after the service doing group shots and then we could go for a drive. They only hire 1 car out in 1 day. The car would have been with us for a total of 2 1/4 hours by this point. She started 'telling' me that we wouldnt be allowed to do this as photographers always run over time and she would have to pay the driver more to stand around. Isn't £325 enough?? In the end I was so upset by the way she was talking to me and patronising me that I could feel tears welling up inside so I ended the conversation after she told me SHE would ring our photographer and work it out between them on OUR day.

I rang our photographer as well and he said 'dont worry she has been on the phone and I have put her in her place'. We are allowed to do our 30 mins of photos and then go for a drive in the car. The lady then rang me back and said we would be able to do what the photographer wanted but if it was to run over then she would instruct the driver to just leave regardless if we had had a drive or not!! I could not believe her attitude. If we wanted no restrictions we would have to pay her the £30 back so we were getting the 'full' service!

We have paid £325 for this car and just feel bullied by this stuck up woman. She speaks with a really annoying voice too which just irritates me! Grrr

So basically we are at the point where my H2B is saying we should never have booked them and we have called up another supplier we looked at originally and they have 1 old style car left for only £245 and they will stay however long we want and even send a brand new Bentley to pick us up in the evening included in the price and a glass of champers which the other company dont give free. BUT we will lose our £75 deposit (which is ok as the other car works out even stevens and with less hassle).

The main worry I have is that if we cancel this lady (we are still outside the allowed cancellation period of 28 days) then what if she charges our card because they cant re-let the car? The terms and conditions are a bit ambiguous. I have even gone into our bank and cancelled my card and reordered another one just in case. They said we might be able to get the money back if they try and take it - how do they prove that they have NOT re-let the car?

I hope we are doing the right thing....we are seeing the other car tomorrow and are probably going to cancel the other one.

Why are some suppliers so adament to make your day even more stressful in the build up than it needs to be?? I thought the idea of customer service was that you treat the customer as the utmost important person...obviously not image

Just had to rant....sorry!!! I think the stress is starting now. image


  • grrrr what i horrible woman! i would definitely go with another company and make sure the woman knows why! the last thing you want to be thinking about on your wedding day is whether the car will be waiting for you or not!!
  • helen756helen756 Posts: 186
    Nicolokate - I cancelled the other car with a written letter sent recorded delivery on Monday asking for her to respond in writing in reply. I didnt state the reason as I wrote it from my H2B!! He can deal with her as he wont take any nonsense! We made it short and sweet and she will know why we are cancelling. The car company we have now gone with (we looked at them originally) couldnt believe the attitude of this woman and know her company well. Some of his drivers work for her too. He was surprised to say the least.

    Oh well her loss! The company we went with reckoned she double booked herself in the later afternoon. Makes sense.
  • rlilacrlilac Posts: 86
    id complain about it, where abouts are u hun btw? ive got a really good guy whos lovely and was very good at listening to us and he advised us whats what we thought an hour and half was enought but he said no your better 2 hours it wont cost more and ur not rushing etc...
  • helen756helen756 Posts: 186
    Thanks rlilac. We have actually booked another company now - we live in Herts. This guy has given us 4 hours which is plenty as he is picking me up at 1pm and we will go for a drive at about 3.30pm so got the car until 5pm when we will be in our wedding breakfast. And he is picking us up in one of his brand new Bentleys to take us to our hotel - no extra charge. Even though we have lost £75 deposit, we have actually paid £5 less overall with this taken into account as the new car is much less. image
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