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I'm Married - wohoooooooooo *pics*


Well after just over a year of planning we finally got married yesterday. We had a fantastic day and the majority of it all went to plan!

Here are a few pics from our friends:


  • MrsBxMrsBx Posts: 980

  • MrsBxMrsBx Posts: 980
    We had a black and white theme and all our guests wore black and white......they all looked fab!

    And the first dance!! We learnt to Waltz and danced to Enya - Wild Child. We couldn't get my dress up properly which was a nightmare which meant we couldn't dance properly however we still gave it a good go.

    Can't believe it's all over now and I am a Mrs however really looking forwards to our honeymoon.

    Enjoy your weddings girls as the day really does fly by!

    Mrs Bxx
  • MrsBxMrsBx Posts: 980

  • VodkaggirlyVodkaggirly Posts: 721
    Congratulations from a fellow 19th June bride, Pictures look great, haven't got mine sorted yet.
  • wayaudiwayaudi Posts: 86
    wow!!u look fab and i love ur dress.flying out for my wedding in cyprus tomorrow so excited!!!xxx image
  • jemwarriorjemwarrior Posts: 2,105
    You looked lovely, congratulations x
  • Congratulations!!! Pics are fab!

    I got married June 19th too!

    Was a great day for it!

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