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Where is my dress!!

Has any body elses dress not yet arrived? I ordered my dress in October last year with a 4 to 5 month delivery time, but still no dress! I called the shop in February and they said May, I called in May and they said June, but still no dress and only 51 days to go.

I don't want to buy any accessories or have any trials until I have tried the dress again as, to be honest, I can't remember it that well. I only had it on for about 15 minutes and that was 9 months ago!

I'm getting really down, because without a dress I can't get excited and it seems so close now.

When did you order/ receive your dresses?


  • peeweesmumpeeweesmum Posts: 96
    Eek. I'm prob not the right person to reply to this. I ordered mine last July, got it in December and had my final fitting in March image (although i think this may be because i told the shop that my weight doesn't yoyo!)
  • MrsLee2010MrsLee2010 Posts: 146
    I ordered my one in February and it came in 2 weeks ago. It all depends on the designer and where the dress is being made. You should maybe ask your bridal shop to chase up for you - I would be in a state if that was me, you want to make sure everything is ok and your dress is going to be here on time with time for you to get alterations if needed and to buy your accessories.

  • I'm still waiting on 8 bridesmaids dresses that were ordered in October!!

    Not bought your dress from grace couture by any chance have you!

    I'm still not panicking yet but I feel it is cutting it very fine
  • IanStuartDress 8 bridesmaids, WOW! Not Grace Couture, Margot Raybould in Wolverhampton. They have been fantastic, other than the current lack of dress image

    Which Ian Stuart dress are you having, I have got (or rather not got!) Babette.

    Anybody else still missing a wedding dress?
  • i'm having florentina in taupe - ordered last august delivered april just need altering as i've lost almost 3 stone since last august!
  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    image 3 stone IanStuartDress?? Well done, hun that is a feat!!

    charbsandthebumpydog I ordered mine in October and it arrived in May far off you. What is the shop saying? They do seem to be cutting it fine!!
  • I agree, 3 stone is fab! A girl in my office has lost 2.5 stone since Christmas. She looks amazing. Well done you!! Florentina is a beautifull dress, you will look stunning. Make sure you post some pictures!

    I think I should call the shop, but I don't want to seem a bit bridezilla. Last time I spoke to them they said some time in June, but couldn't give a date. I was going to order my accessories from the same shop as I have a £200 voucher I got with my dress, but I'm now worried there won't be time for them to arrive, Wedding is 7 weeks tomorrow. image
  • Lyn_MLyn_M Posts: 886
    My dresses (mine and BMs) arent due in till 4 weeks before the wedding. I am hoping they come in early!
  • helen756helen756 Posts: 186
    I ordered my dress in January and it came in in May but my BM dress which I also ordered in January only came in this week and I was getting a bit edgey as they said it would be in in May. I went into the shop and they rang the supplier there and then (had a mini bridezilla moment when the guy asked when my wedding was then took a big intake of breath!!!) Turns out the dress was in the UK depot now waiting to be delivered to the shop as we spoke.

    I think you should get them to chase the progress as they should be able to tell you where it is (if it is still abroad or waiting in customs, or in a holding place).
  • tina00uktina00uk Posts: 197
    dont stress my dress aint due in 4-5 weeks b4 wedding
  • Thanks guys, feel a bit better now! Hope that all your dresses arrive very soon!

  • I am getting married in 40 days and my dress hasn't come in yet!!i'm sure it will though in plenty of time. In a way i'm glad as I wont keep trying it on and getting impatient to wear it!!

    Nicky xx
  • MazzimusMazzimus Posts: 88
    Mine is due 2 weeks before the wedding!!! I paid it in full in October!
  • MazzimusMazzimus Posts: 88
    Mine is due 2 weeks before the wedding!!! I paid it in full in October!
  • Oh no Mazzimus, did you know that it would take so long to come or are you having problems with the shop? Poor you!

    Are you having a custom made dress?
  • MazzimusMazzimus Posts: 88
    Didn't know it would take so long... I foolishly thought that buying early meant receiving it early, but apparently the designers just prioritise the dresses by when they are needed


    It's a romantica dress, being made to my measurements and with extra length, as I'm 6' 2"!!! The shop are lovely, tried to make me see that this way I will only need one fitting as it's so close to the wedding, and they get their alterations done within a week.... I'm just terrified that if they've gotten it wrong (ie forgotten to put on extra length etc) then there won't be time to send it back image
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