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Bride/Bridesmaid etc entrance

I may be be being a bit dumb here but i'm not sure how the entrance works when having a civil ceremony. Do the Bridesmaids/paige boys walk the aisle before the bride and in church weddings they walk behind? Trying to work out who should go in first. I was thinking of the flower girl first(our daughter)as she will be scattering petals, then the chief bridesmaid with one of the paige boys and my matron of honour with the other paige boy. How does that sound?

Also is anyone having any sort of rehersal for a civil ceremony? Our info pack from the registrar just says the groom meets with the registrar 30 mins before ceremony and i meet 10 mins before. Seems a bit haphazard though.xx


  • cluckyukcluckyuk Posts: 571
    I think traditionally, it would run page boys, flower girls, bridesmaids, chief bridesmaid, bride.

    You you could pair up your page boys and flower girls?

    The bride should always come last because thats what they are waiting for.

  • MrsSBM2BMrsSBM2B Posts: 129
    I'm having flower girls then me then my MoH and I'm having a civil. I wanted my sister to enter after me to help with dress etc.

    I have one very little flower girl who will be 17 months but she isn't walking yet so i don't think she'll be making an entrance with the other 2 flower girls!
  • willowadewillowade Posts: 879
    i am having kids go first and then me then cbm. in a church the bms usually go in after the bride but i love seeing the kids go in first so that is what i want. image
  • A11y50nA11y50n Posts: 498
    I'm having flower girl and page boy first, then CBM then me last - although still not sure about CBM. CBM keeps telling me she should go last as she's taller than me......
  • catrich6catrich6 Posts: 79
    I am having CBM, Bridesmaid, flowergirl then me, as advised by my humanist celebrant.
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