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weather expectations

Does anyone know a good website to check the weather for october?

Is anyone hoping for a miracle?? image


  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    image I use but its been down a lot recently but its only really good for 2 weeks in advance.

    I been praying for good weather for months lol, although last year we visited our venue on the 6th October and it was a beautiful day.
  • willowadewillowade Posts: 879
    i reckon its gonna rain on mine but i am prepared if it does. if not, then its a bonus. image
  • MrsSBM2BMrsSBM2B Posts: 129
    I'm just hoping its dry, for the photos.
  • MrsA-2BeMrsA-2Be Posts: 37
    In case it does rain... What is everyone doing... I'm thinking of getting some kind of nice white umbrella - any ideas where I might be able to find one?
  • I'm trying not to think about it yet- I will drive myself nuts if I do- I'm such a worrybug. Isn't rain on your wedding day meant to be lucky anyway? xx

    Just found this

    Rain is also considered to be a good wedding omen in Germany, Sweden, and France. This is possibly because rain is associated with a bountiful harvest, and thus, fertility. Some believe that the rainier the wedding day, the more children the marriage will produce. (So if you get married during a downpour, I guess that you can expects to have triplets!)

    A psychic rcently told me I'd have twins very soon so maybe I better buy a brolly hahahaha
  • MrsWessonMrsWesson Posts: 167
    Well in my dreams were going to have a freakishly beautiful day on the 15th October this year lol but i am realistic and i know it will more than likely be quite cool and a lil dull i dont even mind if it rains as long as it waits til after we arrive at the reception. My reception venue is in doors and doesnt really have an outdoor area once were in it wont matter what the weather does image
  • Confetti do some white and ivory wedding umbrellas and there's 20% off at the moment. I'm hoping it will be dry. I wanted to get married October because we usually have better weather than in April or May. I'm getting married in a hotel so it's not a major problem if it rains but would like some photos outside in their grounds. Also want a photo of everyone which the photographer says she'll take from one of the upstairs windows. Fingers crossed for good weather!
  • willowadewillowade Posts: 879
    got my umbrellas ff ebay. they have a nice shape and will do the job. look fine in pics etc and i think i paid £16 for three. x
  • willowadewillowade Posts: 879

    this is the one i got. they feel a bit 'cheap' as you put them up but they seem to hold together fine ( i gave it a few bashes. lol) and i figured its not an expense i want.. just done to be prepared.
  • A11y50nA11y50n Posts: 498
    AS we're getting married in South Africa on 27th October I'm hoping it's very hot and sunny image
  • nicolac34nicolac34 Posts: 738
    I'm clinging to October - it being the 31st that we get married! I'd love a nice sunny day, but I'm trying to be realistic, as long as it's dry that will do me!
  • mookie28ukmookie28uk Posts: 64
    Love the idea of umberellas!!

    Thanks ladies!!

    Fingers crossed for all us October brides image x
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