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Oops, i meant - jewellery to go with my dress not desk!!


Im really struggling to find a necklace and bracelet to compliment my dress, and i desperately want to ask hubby to be for advice but i cant as hes not seeing the dress, so wondered if you guys could help instead?

Unfortunaley any pics i post dont seem to stay and disappear after a day so heres the link to my dress -, this might also be helpful - my tiara -

Im not a pearly kinda girl so wondered about a white gold or silver necklace with a diamantie flower(s) on it.

thanks to anyone who can help xx


  • willowadewillowade Posts: 879
    hsamuel have some jewellery sets with cubic zirconia which are quite nice.. necklace and matching earings. worth a look. x
  • misssparrowmisssparrow Posts: 694
    Hey lins,

    Beautiful dress! Can i ask how you are thinking about having you're hair? Up/down/to the side? IS it long/short? I think that will make a big difference to the type of necklace you may want to go for. xx
  • linskmlinskm Posts: 115
    Thanks, my hair is just going to be as it always is, A layered bob that sits just above my shoulders and the side tiara will sit at the same side as the flowers on my dress. I wondered about something little just like a necklace that i would wear everyday but then i started looking at heaps of different styles online and got totally lost in what it was i wanted. It doesnt have to be bridal jewellery as a lot of the high street shops have lovely necklaces and bracelets that i think would look just as nice.

    Any help would be greatly received. Thanks xx
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