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7th August girls, less than 6 weeks 2 go..............

How are we all doing???

Time is flying now but we are more or less sorted.

Just got my 2 paige boys shoes to buy, I know where im getting them from just gotta go get them, Best Man gift to buy, couple of bottles of wine as gifts to buy and goody bags for the kids to buy.

Gotta buy gift bags etc for all the gifts and then just gotta pay off all our final balances to all our suppliers and then thats it image

How is everyone else doing???

Is anyone getting nervous now?? Im more excited than nervous but im sure the nerves will kick in soon image

Nicki xxxxxxxx


  • hi

    im just excited nerves have not kicked in yet but im sure they will image i cant belive its less than 6 weeks the weeks seem to be flying by.

    ive still got few jobs to do but almost there still need to sort out what im having as favours. and got to pick my bridemaids dresses up and need to finish paying off everything.

  • 40 days to go!!!!!!! I am more or less sorted now, just need the best men gifts and the chinese lanterns. oh yes and we have to pay our suppliers!!

    Sooooooooooooooo excited
  • I can't believe its so close, I have loads to do still as getting married at my mum and dad's house... most of it is gardening and tidying up related!! I went up this weekend to help and ended up making hay instead... its that time of year and all hands make light work. Hasn't helped the wedding planiing muc but its one less thing my stressed out mum and dad have to do!
  • soooooooooooo exciting!

    We have paid most of our suppliers in full - still need to pay for our beautiful cinderella horse drawn carriage.

    just a few little bits to get - shoes, sweets for our sweetie table etc

    Im having my hen weekend in a couple of weeks - so im looking forward to that

    Im not sure how the rest of you feel but i just want the day to be here now - we have been planning this wedding for 2yrs and i just cant wait to be mr and mrs.

    i have booked a surprise honeymoon for us that my h2b knows nothing about - i cant wait to tell him, i feel like my head is going to explode.

    hope everyones plans are coming together well and i wish you all luck and good weather on your big days!!!!!!

    kirsty x
  • teeniukteeniuk Posts: 1,046
    Its my hen meal on Saturday night and im so looking forward to it. There are 14 of us going so it will be great to let my hair down for a bit.

    Ive booked a hotel for our wedding night as a surprise for H2B, he thinks we are going home with the kids but they are all sleeping out with family and we are going to a swanky hotel for the night. I have no idea how we havent let it slip yet but we are doing well so far image

    Nicki xxxxx
  • 5 weeks! sounds shorter image
  • ayesha81ayesha81 Posts: 28
    how scary!!!! i am soooooo excited but very nervous too
  • pinkyperkypinkyperky Posts: 159
    39 days to go. I'm quite relaxed and getting excited. I tried my dress on for the first time on Saturday and it looks better than I imagined it would. It's so sparkly on the neckline but really elegant. I don't recognise myself! ha ha if not office wear or jeans and t-shirt - ha ha

    I'm most excited about my blue flowers! image sad iknow
  • I cant believe its only 5 weeks away, It seemed ages, then all of a sudden its nearly here. Me and my mom spend 6 hours yesterday making up all favour boxes they look brill and it started seeming very real then. Got final dress fitting tomorrow image just got to make last bits of stationary (order service, write place cards etc) and pay everything now. xxx
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