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Worried about sleeping.....

I'm getting married next weekend and im worried about sleepng the night before. I always struggle with sleeping in hotels as it is but the day before my wedding I really think i wont sleep at all.....

Can anybody reccommend some sleeping tablets, preferably herbal? I was thinking of trying them this week so they dont totally knock me out on my wedding day!

Thanks... xx


  • i can recommend a pain killer that causes drowsiness i'll be taking them the night before i get married - syndol they are for headache backache etc but do knock you out. You can only get them at chemist.
  • MrsHBarneyMrsHBarney Posts: 195
    I'm going to try Kalms (think they're herbal) to hopefully help ease the worries and hence help me sleep but I'm staying in hotel with H2B so I think I'll just be poking him all night going... 'we're getting married tomorrow!!!!' lol x
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    I sometimes take Night Nurse

  • cazfaycazfay Posts: 643
    Hum me too! I normally sleep like a baby but the last few months I have had my wedding going around in my head and not being able to sleep! I think it is because I am doing so many wedding things in the evening now, it is on my mind last thing at night.

    I bought some Kalms sleep today to try tonight. Nytol didn't make me sleepy at all, so trying them instead! Will let you know image
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