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Please help me with my invites!! :(

I am making my invites, they look lovely I think!! image But the inserts are causing problems, I was going to put poem asking nicely for help with honeymoon(I know some people dont like) on left side of insert and then the invite on the right but it looks like a book!!!

So now decided on leaving left side blank and then enclosing info sheet, with directions, cab numbers etc and then poem on this what do you think??? What is everyone else doing?

Donna x


  • cluckyukcluckyuk Posts: 571
    I'd say that sounds like a good idea! xxx
  • misssparrowmisssparrow Posts: 694
    Hi 101010B2B!

    I am in the process of making my invites at the moment, i know how stressful it can be to try and make them perfect by has H2B keeps telling me they normally get looked at once then put in a draw until a day before the wedding when someone looks at the address.

    Have you got pictures as to where you are with them so we can see? I am making pocket fold invites which i personally like but i know arn't everyone's tastes. I think a paper insert will be fine, maybe just funk it up a little bit with some images/pretty patterns? Also means people can take it out and pin it to their fridge/notice board which is handy!

    I'm abit indifferent about asking for money for honeymoon. We received an invitation through the other week asking for donations for their honeymoon via a website link. I didn't think it was too bad but H2B and alot of other people have commented how rude it is (we've heard alot of "why should we pay for their holiday"....etc). I was abit shocked really on how strongly people felt about it as i thought it was quite normal to ask for such things in this modern age but i guess not (alot of my friends are 21-30 odd so not old!).I am not trying to put you off doing it at all, but i would check with friends that they won't be offended by it.

  • willowadewillowade Posts: 879
    Right, I originally wanted similar but in the end, I did an a6 sized invite (A5 folded) I stuck details of the ceremony into that. I printed a reception card and evening do card (separate) fro vistaprint. I then printed on to A% sheet of paper, a 'wedding A-Z' and on the back were some maps for the main venues.

    All the info that we wanted to put in was in the a-z but if you have a poem, then prob best to do as you have suggested.

  • NikNiksNikNiks Posts: 736
    Hi Donna, I did A5 size invites and then printed out 4 A5 sized pages of additional info, maps, RSVP, menu choices etc, and then hole punched one corner and tied them together with a little bit of ribbon, that all got folded in half and popped inside the invite envelope so think your idea is just fine.

    Also re honeymoon list I personally don't see any problems with these, the last 2 weddings I've attended (one last Friday which was just gorgeous!) both had honeymoon lists and I was more than happy to contribute to that in place of a more traditional gift list - I personally don't see the difference between paying a bit towards a honeymoon vs buying some glasses or towels off a store list - its up to you how much you contribute on either version, so I really don't see why people get upset by it - if its what the happy couple would prefer then its fine by me... if folk get upset about it then are they saying they don't want to buy them a gift they want??

    Sorry if thats a bit harsh, but I think it should be about what the married couple would really like not the guests!!!

    Niks xx

    PS Willow, your invites are lovely hun!
  • MrsL10MrsL10 Posts: 401
    Thank you so much girls, Willowade your invites look fab!! I cant seem to add pics on here!! I will try send my link to photobox!!

    And Niks I love the idea of attaching them all by ribbon, hobby craft tomorrow I think, might bye some pretty paper to print them on like Miss Sparrow suggested!!

    Also we are only having small wedding and most are aware of us asking for money and most have said great thats so much easier, esp H2B's friends who hate shopping lol

    Thanks again ladies, ill try add pic!!

    Donna x
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  • MrsL10MrsL10 Posts: 401
  • MrsL10MrsL10 Posts: 401
  • MrsL10MrsL10 Posts: 401

  • MrsL10MrsL10 Posts: 401
    yaaaah I posted a pic, no stopping me now!! lol
  • coyginacoygina Posts: 34
    Hey, I just thought I'd put my 2 cents in regarding asking for money/contributions to the honeymoon.

    I'm from N.Ireland, but my fiance is from Norway and we live there and will continue to after the wedding (however we will have the wedding in N.I.) so (although we haven't sent out the invitations yet we are looking at including one of these poems we will not be asking for gifts as all relatives & friends realise it would be a bit problematic for us to ship any gifts we received in Ireland to Norway, in other words ... we would incur costs.

    Now even if ours wasn't a logistical problem, we would probably have still done the same as we already have household things. Now ... as for what guests think ... those that I am inviting are friends and family, none would be so spiteful as to call us rude for asking for what we need for our wedding. The couple are probably spending over £15,000 on a huge party for themselves and those they love ... it would be more rude for the guests to think their inclusion of a "help with honeymoon" thing was rude ... what's the difference between including a gift list & including the other? To be honest I HATE HATE HATE the idea of asking for ANYTHING but it's what people do. ALSO the inclusion of these "lists" are so people can have an idea of what you need, not a demand for money or gifts!

    (I apologise as this started off as a short message, but it rambled on and as it's late I cannot bring myself to double check it for spelling and grammar I apologise if it's not too legible!)
  • willowadewillowade Posts: 879
    cheers peeps.

    nikniks.. love it!! would totally suit 101010b2bs invites too i think. image yay to 101010 for getting pics up. glad you worked it out. image

    coygina.. i am same. wasn't going to so anything and even said no gift lust but family are insisting so decided to have a wishing well. just gotta make it now. lol.

  • misssparrowmisssparrow Posts: 694
    Wishing well is a lovely idea, one of my best friends did this at her wedding and she said some of the comments people put into the wishing well for them we're so lovely she's made a book out of them!

    Donna those invites are beautiful! Love the pink theme running through you're day. I think a paper insert will be fine, I think people will be very greatful for taxi numbers etc... and it means they can fold the piece of paper up and pop it into a handbag without having to worry about screwing up the invite.

    Reena you're invites are fabulous!

  • MrsL10MrsL10 Posts: 401
    Thats so true Miss Sparrow,I wouldn't want my invites ruined lol!!

    I am going to go out look for some pink or pretty card this week and some lovely ribbon to tie all together!

    Thanks for your help I feel better now!

    Donna x
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