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Teeth Whitening

So I have been planing my wedding alone, as my partner lives overseas, the stress has been full on, now with not long to go and so many little things still left to organise, I suddenly realised I want brighter, whiter teeth for the big day.

So im planning to get professional teeth whitening,

My questions is, has anyone else done this?

how many days before the wedding did you do this?

and long did the sensitivity last?

and I am not interested in home kits, don't have time left now, to start a home whitening kit.

Thank you, look forward to any replies.


  • JemmapukJemmapuk Posts: 581
    Hiya, I had mine done on 4th June and have been sleeping with the solution on every other night since. My teeth are lovely and white but it was very painful. Some days I could barely stand to eat.... image

    If you stop using the solution though they stop being so sore.

  • My Bridesman is my dentist. Hey have me 5 packs of sysodene (sp) tooth paste. It works a treat for the sensetivity

  • Verity12Verity12 Posts: 253
    I recently did mine at home, but the dentist did the trays and provided the gels. Got a really good result after 2-3 weeks...if you have this long. I did get achey teeth the day after each night, but had some days off and the result is well worth the discomfort. I had no problems with sensitivity as soon as I stopped.
  • JemmapukJemmapuk Posts: 581
    I would say if you really want whiter teeth and you dont mind some discomfort (and a bit of pain!) then go for it! Mine cost £395 through my dentist but it was worth every penny....Ive been using the solution for 3 weeks (after having the laser whitening at my dentist) and they are perfect (but not crazy white!) x
  • Verity12Verity12 Posts: 253
    My dentist was doing a special offer at £200...bargain
  • siouxziesiouxzie Posts: 8
    problem is ladies, my wedding is next week on the 8th...

    SO i was looking at this smile xpress place in the westfield shopping centre, its 129 pounds, they put gel on your teeth, then use a light, for about 1hr and half. then its pretty uncomfortable for a couple days, then should be all good,

    trouble is i want to know if anyone else has done the same thing, get some reviews as im running out of time.....

    would have sorted it earlier, but i have been planning this whole wedding alone, so its been pretty tough and i have so much running around to do right up until the day. boooo
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