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** Kids At Evening Reception **

Iam a mum of 2 and will be having my children at my wedding there is no doubt about it, and i have also invited children to our wedding and reception but.... here goes .. i have invited guest to our evening reception who have kids but havent invited there kids..

(the kids i have invited through the day are rather well behaved children)

But all of a sudden i have had 3 "mum" guests ask if they can bring the kids to our evening reception even tho i havent put there name on the invite...

Coz then they said well your kids will be there.. how do i say i havnt invited your kids coz they are a pain in the arse !!!!

****rant over ***

Please help image


  • we're not having children either apart from our little man and close family. Mayve explain that it's due to cost/space or that you are only inviting close friends children?

    Another suggestion, maybe say something like I thought you'd want some time without the kids for a change? It's tricky isn't it?

    Good luck.
  • We are having children at ours. But we have alot of people asking for their boyfriends etc who have not been invited. I tell them that I have a reserve list and if I get through that then ill let them know. They do not need to know that you did or didn't get through it, but you can then say sorry we still have people we have not invited because of space!

    Maybe she can't find anyone to look after them for the day would you rather she was not there or she was and the kids are as well? Just something to think about I guess!

  • MrsBoustred2b,

    I get on great with the parents hense the reason for an invite but if she cant get a sitter then i think i would prefer her not to come becoz her kids are a nightmare and wind every bodies else kids up

    Suppose there i have just answered my own question LoL

    but il suggest like mrscross2b said and ask her if she would prefer an evening without the kids x
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