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Anyone else done gift list yet?

We did ours yesterday!

It was not as fun as I expected tho image

It just felt a bit wrong picking out what people could buy us!

But its another thing ticked off the to do list - yay!



  • jomcbridejomcbride Posts: 128
    Hi there

    Yes we did 2 small ones in debenhams and argos. Already have a house so just some luxuries!

    I was so excited to go to debenhams but I found it actually really really stressful! My H2B had his leg in cast and was on crutches and I had my handbag, clipboard and scanner and had to lift expensive stuff up to scan them ! ahhhh nightmare!

  • We've done a honeymoon gift list instead. I did want a proper gift list but also would like a nice honeymoon - can't have everything. We've lived together for over 7 years so have most stuff anyway would have just been getting nicer stuff!

    I saw someone doing one in John Lewis the other day, looked like loads of fun!

  • carol_wild1carol_wild1 Posts: 478
    We have done ours in John Lewis, wasn't as much fun as I expected either...was weird like MrsDavis2be said picking out stuff for other people to buy us! Although the free tea and cake did help ease the pain! xx
  • drobinson1984drobinson1984 Posts: 1,071
    We have set up 2 to give people choice, a Thomas Cook voucher account and a Debenhams list.....feels a bit rude though, telling people this is what I'd like. To be honest as long as people get a card I don't care if we get presents or not really! (Though obviously a nice honeymoon would be lovely, especially as we can't afford one at the moment!) x
  • marriedfcmarriedfc Posts: 186
    We've done ours at John Lewis too and totally agree with you all, it's not as much fun as I thought and I just felt guilty the whole time! I was trying to choose the cheap things of everything and H2B was saying this was our chance to get some decent stuff for the house! Done now though, and as you say, another job off the list!! x
  • Coco2010ukCoco2010uk Posts: 857
    We have just asked for gift vouchers from John Lewis as I really did not want to trudge around picking things (v.lazy I know!). Some guests have just given us cash instead which is great so we have put that into a savings account. x
  • MrsTidburyMrsTidbury Posts: 68
    I agree we've done half of ours at John Lewis but still need to go back and finish it at the weekend. Not really looking forward to it. For every item we have a little debate can we really ask people to pay for this? Normally I say no and h2b says yes and then I give in to keep the peace. I really don't know how much to put on it though. Obviously we need enough but I don't want to put too much on there.
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