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Ok my wedding is coming up, so here are a few tips and ideas, that might help you with your wedding.

For you chocolate favours, or just little gifts.

go to

they have these chocolate trays, for 23 and it comes with about 90 chocolates. mine did. and good quality chocolate.

website for bits and bobs - The last


veils can be crazy expensive, I went to wedding shops, tried every veil, found the one I wanted, ask what colour and material it was.

Then found an image of it on google images.

bridal illusion - which is softer more floaty

standard tulle - which is stronger and holds its shape more

then go to

you send them an email, with a picture, they make it exactly what you want, mine came to 70 and its beautiful, my friend who works in a wedding shop said its the same quality as there's, but about 400 cheaper.

oh dresses, go to at least 3-4 shops try lots of dresses, gives you an idea, of what colour, style and shape you want.

then go to sample sales, I got mine from a designer sample sale, in london. it has never been worn, no wedding shop has seen a dress like it, and was 3500, I got it for 1200.

Then all i needed to do was get it hemmed, cos it was too long, I found this amazing seamstress she lives in Twickenham, my first quote from a wedding shop was ?????£150, she did my dress for ?????£30, and she is amazing, really knows her stuff, and only charges for the work done, so if you need your dress hemmed or altered in any way, ask me and I will send you her details.

If I think of anything else, I will keep posting stuff

Don't get your dress altered in wedding dress shops, if you don't have too, cos they totally rip you off.

hope some of this helps you.

oh wedding cake, ordered mine the other day, its gonna be amazing....well amazing for me, but everyone has there own taste.

the venue have a 3 tiered cake stand, so rather then spend hundreds on a standing cake, im buying three seperate cakes, and getting the bakery to decorate around the cake, and the florist to throw some flowers on it. I got it from

its the red velvet cake, check out there stuff, cos we went to the shop and saw the red velvet cake, and its huge has 3 layers of amazing cake to enjoy. as a finishing touch the cake will be served with fresh strawberry's.

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