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last dress fitting went wrong with only 4 days to go

I am so angry mad upset stressed you name it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went for my last fitting today and its not done. Its too long still and not even staight!!!!!!!

This fitting was suppose to be a fitting just to ease me because last yr I was a moh and didnt know I was ill and put dress on and omg it was too big and my bust was on show all day which I hated. So they said dont worry we will do it on the last week so you feel better.

She said dont worry come back thurs or fri, ok yeah when can I fit this in. I have thurs afternoon off work unpaid to go to london to pick my moh up then fir off to get last things done so you tell me when. I said i will have to come first thing Fri morning ermmm we already have bookings. TUFF I only have then left and if its not done right I am screwed.

Have just spoke to my boss to see if I can have thurs morning off unpaid again so thats just great, I will find out in morning weather thay have cover for me.

Sorry I am just so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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