Anyone watch 'Don't tell the bride' winter wonderland last night??

Hi everyone

So last nights episode of 'Don't tell the bride' was the winter wonderland in july wedding!! Was anyone else desperately wanting their wedding to be like this - all the christmas trees with fake snow on and white snow all over the floors. Gorgeous. That was exactly what I wanted as a 'winter wonderland' wedding. So I phoned 'snow business' today, and have been on there website, and I think I am going to buy some 'snowcell' fake snow to decorate the tables and few trees we are having in the static marquee. Hopefully all the white sparkles and candelight will look wintery. Although 'snow business' looks amazing it is quite pricey. Is anyone else aiming for winter wonderland, and how are you going to do it???? anything not too expensive?? here are a few of the things I am doing....

- snow / sparkles on tables

- snowflake confetti everywhere

- pine cones sprayed white and glittery

- a few snow covered trees

- traditional old deep red post box covered with snow for cards

- crystal willow tree with snowflakes as top table centrepiece

- garland with snowflakes overhanging door when enter marquee

- snow machine over door on entrance to marquee (on entrance only as noisy!)

Any other suggestions???? am having lots of christmas things too and a grotto for the kids!! Fully equipped with fab santa who has real white beard, amazing suit and memorises the kids names / christmas lists!! (there's 30 kids at our wedding, happy kids = happy parents I think!) Its just that our marquee s big and white and if I don't fill it it wont be 'winter wonderlandy'........

thanks for help.....


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    I watched it and it was fab, really loved the bowls of snow on the tables but H2B thought it would end up being a snowball fight.

    I went to a venue that had pine cones as the place names they were sprayed and the name cards were tucked into the pine cones, looked great
  • We are having a snow machine for the evening do which the DJ is going to realease during our first dance and then whenever he plays a Xmas song.

    I love christmas weddings!

  • Snowflake Bride - Yup me and I loved it! Our wedding is the 15th Jan so not sure if the theme would totally be ok with it being after christmas, so I have steered away from it but now liking the idea. Can I ask where you got your post box from? I love that idea and also your crystal willow tree?

    Cebpickle - I love the idea with the pine cones! x
  • Cebpickle: those pine cones sound lovely as table names, really nice idea may have to pinch that one!!!

    CornishGem: loving the idea of the snow machine coming on every time a Christmas song is being played!!!

    Sam1982: I'm afraid i've made them both myself - though it was easy (just a bit time consuming). Where is you nearest country baskets? you can get all the stuff there really cheap.

    For the crystal tree: buy some mitsumata brnches - about 10 stems gives a full tree effect. Soak them in the bath for about 2 hours, then they are bendy. Bend them into the shape you want when wet then leave to dry. They really need t be held in something strong at the bottom, like florist foam (good depth). Then decorate. I got some shimmer beads from country baskets also (about £1.50 per box x 4/5 boxes)and threaded them onto string. Then hung all over tree. And added snowflakes and 2 sparkly white doves on one branch. I'm putting it on a large mirror plate with candles all around so light catches crystals. Looks just like the ones you can hire, but they're about £60 per tree just to hire.

    The post box was again just a plain white rectangular box from country baskets. I got dulux 'redcurrent glory' and painted it. Cut a slot for the letters to go in and put upholstery foam covered with fake glitter snow on the lid. Then I got a little robin to sit on it!! Put a gold slab on front with initials on front. Very easy and cost about £5!!! Looks quite nice too even if I do say so myself!!!

    hope that helps....... otherwise there are plenty of places that you can hire the crystal trees from, just costs more!!!

    If you're going winter wonderland I think you can definitely do that in jan!!! its more wintery then than dec anyway!! it'd be lovely!!! x
  • Hi,

    As lasts night groom I thought I could let you know some info.

    Snow business are amazing and well worth having a crew member or two, actually putting the snow down is the cheapest, the snow cannons etc are expensive.

    The Trees and other bits were from Theme Traders in London and they have some useful backdrops too.

    all the lighting we did ourselves and is really easy and cheap to rent everything.

    Hope that helps and I'm glad you liked it, it was so much fun to do. If only I there was more time and money!!!

  • Well done James, looks like you had a brilliant wedding.

    Snowflake, love the post box idea and I too looked at their website first thing this morning. I am tempted but my budget is bursting at the moment..

    CornishGemz, do you mind me roughly asking how much for snowmachine everytime a xmas song comes on etc..loving that idea!

  • wow james congratulations!!!! me and my other half were singing your praises last night!! best job a grooms done yet!!! was amazing - think you make a lovely couple too!! hope married life is going well for you both x

    .......and thank you for the tips!! my little girls are desperate for a 'winter wonderland' family party so i'm really trying to create it for them!! hoping for a magical family day, which is how your wedding looked!!! another question - where did you get the sleigh from?? i've been trailing the internet for months for one that us and the girls can go for a ride in together - can't find one anywhere like that??

    mrs-mason: our snow machine actually comes with our dj, and a lot of dj's I spoke to had them..... it's not costing us any extra, they just said that they have one so we can have it at our wedding! I'm also over budget now, but I am thinking that if I work one overtime weekend next month we can get a couple of bags of the snowcel!! hehe! otherwise i've just bought 'snowflake glitter' from DPS giftware . This arrived today and it really looks like fake snow and is lovely - its not actually snowflake shape, just like snow. Its only £1.50 per 113g bag, which is enough to do either 3 tress or completely cover a couple of tables. (very light weight so you get a good ammount). So not too much for the snowy effect. I think the snowcel will be better on trees though.


  • OOh i missed it but im watching it tonight and cannot wait now!!!!!! James it sounds like you have done a good job - you might need to become a winter wonderland wedding planner! haha.

    roll on 8pm!!

  • I just watched it! image

    Congratulations, James. You did an incredible job. Besides everything else everyone mentioned I also think Charlotte's dress was the perfect choice - she looked stunning.

    Had a little tear because it was so obvious how much you adore each other.

    Now, off to look up 'Snow Business' image
  • Hi everyone

    Many Congrats James and Charlotte.

    Can you tell me where you got the dress from please
  • I agree the dress was really beautiful..... has made me question my own!!! My friends were all talking about how beautiful it was today too!! well done james!
  • LMK2010LMK2010 Posts: 234
    Amazing to think that a man could bring all that together and make his bride ry with happiness!! Well done. Loved everything about it. image
  • James - it was amazing! Cngratulations on such an amazing wedding!

    Our snow machine is also coming with our DJ - Your perfect Night who are based in Devon but do travel.

    Would love more snow - might give Snow Business a call!
  • Snowflake Bride - Oh thanks for that hun! Will have to find out where our nearest place is as only just moved to Portsmouth. Although the wedding is back home in Newcastle!

    Where did you get your snow sparkles from? And snowflake confetti? I have ordered a load of table crystals in royal blue and clear but may get some snowflakes too xx

    James! You did such an amazing amazing job! Your bride was stunning and she was sooooooo happy! My lovely partner Stephen was close to tears and he's not the emotional type. I hope your settled into married life and loving every minute! Wishing you both loads of love and luck xx

  • Hi Sam,

    The snowflake sparkles were form DPS giftware - as in the above post. But i'm afraid i've made all the cofetti myself. I bought a martha stewert snowflake punch and have punched a million snowflakes!! (my ittle girl likes to help so its ok!). I got irredescent paper for table confetti snowflakes, and rice paper to make snowflake confetti cones to hand out at the church. I found the punch by googling. Good luck!!!! I'm up n leed and there's a country baskets here if you're ever driving past on the way home!! x x x

  • Hi Snowflake,

    Can I ask, does the glittering snowflakes you bought look like the below? Can't decide which to order! image

  • Hey SnowFlake

    Will check them out tonight. Am sure I could make the confetti too, what a fabulous idea! I have a feeling I will be copying lots from you!!!

    We do drive via Leeds actually, so if I am stuck I will go there.

    Thanks hun x

  • Ah thank you.

    A snowmachine is around £600 for a day and more if you want someone to operate it too, but you dont need to if that's all you need.

    I had an Ice Cube style postal card box that I made with my sister, was really easy and we found the dimentions online.
  • Hi

    The Dress was from Pronuptia in Cambridge, great shop and lovely people. Near the new Cineworld etc.

    The sleigh was from a company in Northamptonshire that do wedding carriages, but you can get much better sleigh's the BBC stiffed me on that a little and they made me change, meaning decorating that horrendous sleigh at 8am on the wedding day! If you cant find it I can have a look.

    Snow Business are amazing and when they are not busy doing films they are looking to get into this type of thing I believe so I am sure they will be helpful.


  • Thank you james!!

    I have been in touch with Snow Business and I am having snow samples sent!!!! we are defo going to use them, but we have a lot of things already so trying to decide what to use - considering the igloo!!!!
  • Hi Stella - yes it is exactly the same stuff!!! but slightly cheaper from the DPS website - unless you're already buying from snow business then you could just get a pallet.

    We have bought a few things from the DPS website and they are very good. everything arrived carefully boxed, recorded delivery within 2 days of the order. It is £5 delivery, a or free when you spend over 50. I got a lot of the opaque hanging snowflakes from there too and they are nice hung on my crystal tree.

    Sharon from Snow business is very good though - she is sending us free samples of the different snow so we can decide on the snowtype - perhaps ask her to do that??

    We are getting several boxes of the medium and fine display snow for tree and table decorating. Our venue is being very precious about their cream carpet so we aren't allowed to cover it completely image hopefully the trees will give a good effect though!!!

    Good luck!!
  • I havent had a chance to watch it yet but friends at work have been talking about it all day!! So I took a sneak peek at bbc iplayerimage Can anyone tell me where the venue was??
  • Thanks James

    Do you know what the dress was call or do you have a link to the dress as i want to show my partener

    How is married life??

  • Cwilby - The dress is called Belle, but I don't have a link or anything I am afraid. Married life is great, not much different if I am honest though.

    sarasadek1 - The Venue was Chilford Hall & Vineyard, in Linton, Cambridgeshire. They are lovely people, in fact its worth going to just to do a wine tasting as their own wine is fantastic!
  • I loved this episode of don't tell the bride

    I loved the dress that charlotte tried on when she went to the shop with her mum and sister (this wasnt the dress that james chose for her). does anyone know what shop she went to (and even the designer of the dress?!)

    thanks image
  • vwright325 Hi, Charlotte can't remember the name of the shop, but says it was in Bedford, I hope that helps?

    The dress in the show wasn't her favourite, but they used that as a big contrast to the dress I chose. I thought it was lovely tho!
  • Just wondering if anyone has a picture of the dress she tired on herself... it was very plain but so pretty and I would really likethat style for my beach wedding.
  • Just watch it on BBC i player and skip to the dress bit! image
  • TTCno2TTCno2 Posts: 176
    I'm so sorry to crash this post - but incase anyone else is wondering (I am) do you have a list of the music used in the show? There is one intrumental song on there that I am desperate to use for my wedding, I also think it was used in the last series of The OC but cannot find it anywhere.

    Sorry again to gatecrash, and good luck with all your weddings - not long ladies!!

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    I have been wanting to go to Chilford Hall vineyard for a while it is a bit far for our wedding, did you have any of their wines James?
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