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I'm Back!

Just wanted to let everyone we did it and the day itself was more than I could have asked for! Thank you all for you're best wishes, I'm now a Mrs Egglestone! (I need to change a usename now somehow?)

I've not had a chance to see many pictures yet but facebook is full of them, seems the while of facebook had seen my wedding before I had even haha, typical! Still got 2 weeks before the proffesional ones arrive, can't wait!

Hope everyones day after mine was everything they had hoped for xx


  • NikNiksNikNiks Posts: 736
    Welcome back Amanda, glad you had an amazing day.... can't wait to see some of your pix... I can't belive I've been married over a month now!!

    How was the honeymoon?

    Love Niks xx
  • NowMrsShNowMrsSh Posts: 262
    Welcome back lovely lady! Congratulations on your big day, can't believe we are all wives now!! Looking forward to seeing your pics! xx
  • This is the first time I've attached pictures via my phone so fingers crossed! Here's a couple for now.. X

  • NowMrsShNowMrsSh Posts: 262
    Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh you look gorgeous! Congratulations again! I love your dress!! xx
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    Wow! stunning, you are beautiful! image glad you had the best time image you have so helped so many other brides on here you deserved to have such a wonderful day
  • A11y50nA11y50n Posts: 498
    Wow!!! Amanda you look stunning! I'm so glad your day was everything you hoped for! It's my first day back at work today so just popped on for a sneaky peak to see if you'd posted anything yet! Congratulations, Mrs Egglestone image
  • A11y50nA11y50n Posts: 498
    Wow!!! You look amazing - want to hear all about it!!
  • Allison you're back!! I've was thinking that you must have been back real soon- seems

    like you've been gone forever, how did it all go? How was the honeymoon? Pictures? So glad you're back! Been so busy since coming back of honeymoon I've not had a chance to write anything yet but I will soon hopefully, suppose to get our photos back at the weekend eek!

    I've been meaning to find our other thread too but keep running out of time, I will reply to that one too when I get a mo- had my car run into begining of the week so been sorting that all out, at least it's after the wedding I keep telling myself lol

    Thanks everyone so the lovely comments xxx
  • Lovely photos, when are we going to see the professional ones? image

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