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Bridesmaid Shrugs for Winter Wedding...

Where has everyone got them from? I can't seem to find anything suitable that is not expensive

Thanks in advance people


  • Have you tried debenhams or BHS not sure how much they are but i know they sell them

    Good Luck xx
  • MistyxxMistyxx Posts: 1,679
    I had this problem too, in the end the bridal store I bought my dress from is making them for me, she's tailoring them to fit each of my bm's and is charging £45 each x
  • asda had some loverly ones in today when i went in x
  • I got mine from ebay at £10 each. They're lovely! xx
  • Lainey_DLainey_D Posts: 256
    Mine arrived today from Wrapor its amazing. I got it in faux fur and had crystals put onto it too. Really pleased with it xxx
  • I bought 3 silver shrugs from new look at the weekend which were £32.00 each
  • Thanks ladies!!

    vanessahusband - who was the Ebay seller do they do them anymore?

  • mrsgLmrsgL Posts: 682
    i wasnt going to have a shrug until last weekend-it got very cold, so i looked high and low and actually found a ovely one-brand new from ebay for about 15 quid.

    a little funny about ordering one-also the person i bought mine from said it would be posted first class from london. i bought one from them and it arrived two days later

    must admit fr the price it does look ver expnsive.

    i picked up my wedding dress yesterday and the shop had them instore, i picked up one simialr to mine for £249

    the item number is 140475824139

    white in colour though, my dress is ivory-i wouldnt say they were bright white-looks lovely with my dress

    hope ths can help someone xx
  • Thanks MrsLewistobe.... is your wedding tomorrow? wow xx
  • mrsgLmrsgL Posts: 682
    your welcome-yes tomorrow is mine. feeling pretty nervous image

  • Have an excellent day, good luck am sure it will be amazing!!!! xx
  • I can't find them in my list anymore cos I bought them ages ago, but there seem to be quite a few sellers on there for fur shrugs. If you're going to try it I'd suggest just making sure the seller's feedback is good and then you're good to go image

    I figured that for ten pounds I couldn't really go wrong, and if they weren't any good I hadn't really lost much by trying. Xx
  • We got some long fur gorgeous boleros from John Lewis they were £60 and the best quality ones I could fine they are quite warm too as they have sleeves x
  • Hugely unethical but i got mine on ebay - brand new - for £1.50. Type in faux fur shrugs into the search and it should come up with them. They are from China but absolutely lovely. I saw the exact same ones at a wedding fair recently for £90.00 so i'm really pleased. Don't judge me though!
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