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11th December wedding.........Nervous

Well it's only a month away & I,m getting really worried & questioning whether I'm too young to be getting married. It's not helping that I seem to be getting every bug going. image Really need some reasurrance image


  • Im sure it will just be your nerves hun, just try and relax and not worry.

    My wedding is the week after yours and i cant seem to get my head around the fact that its only 5 weeks away i dont know where the time has gone.

    Sometimes i feel im young to get married but i love my h2b so so much i wouldnt want to spend my life with anyone else.

    Gosh that sounds soppy not like me!


  • Hi ladies,

    I get married on the 12th Dec....not loving the idea at the min but sure it will pass! still got loads to do and relatives that are causing issues!!

    sure we will all be fine on the days!

  • how old are you Mrs Colton To Be?

    Im sure it is just nerves, but you have to feel 100% sure about marriage

    Is it marriage or the wedding that is over whelming you?

    also have you spoken to your H2b about your concerns?

    You may find he has the same concerns- being on the 'same page' often means that you are even more perfect together!

    If you arent dont worry- dont panic!

    Have a think about how marriage will change your lives- will it really change anything?

    how do you envisage you both being in a yr or 2- kids? or do you have other plans- career, travel etc

    Im sure they are just the jitters- hope you work it all out-

    talk to your MOH aswell- im sure she will be able to help!

  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702
    Its only natural to be nervous....Im getting married on 11th December too! Not long now...under 4 weeks to go! image

    Why is it you feel too young? How old are you? Does your h2b know how you are feeling? Im sure it is just pre wedding nerves and come the day everything will be perfect!

  • Hi there! I get married on 11th Dec too. Please don't worry, try to remember how you felt you you first decided to get married and plan your wedding, did you feel too young then?

    If you really do have concerns and you have got on the wedding highway and can't get off, you really need to talk to someone, but I suspect that this is just pre wedding nerves. I'm 37 and have only just felt totally ready to make this commitment to my lovely H2B. If you need to chat hun, keep posting. We'll all get you through it in a non judgemental way. Love ang Hugs Ber xxx
  • Don't worry - I'm getting on 12th December and I get a little nervous too from time to time, I'm sure it will pass but like berry10uk says if you need us...we are all here x
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