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Restructuring of wedding dress - advice needed

I am having a major meltdown...I bought my dress 18 months ago, and have since lost two stone. I told the lady in the shop at the time that this would be the case and she told me it wouldn't be a problem whatsoever. Now though I have been told that the dress needs to be restructured as they can't take it in anymore. The women in the shop are really rude and so is the area manager and I'm really worried that it's not going to look ok. Has anyone had to have this done to theirs? Please tell me it still looked perfect...


  • MistyxxMistyxx Posts: 1,679
    Well done on the weight loss!

    If you're not paying for the alterations (ie they were not incl in the price of your dress), take your dress to another shop and see what they say.

    As a rule of thumb, a dress can only be altered down 2 sizes before it interferes with the shape of the dress, this will obviously depend on the style though x
  • Thank you but unfortuanately as they have been paid to do the alterations and have started they are insisting that they finish them. I am going on Friday for the restructuring to begin...I am so upset as i have been really organised and now feel that the dress is going to be ruined. Fingers crossed!
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