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argh!! anyone elses hubby to be need a reality check?

OMG my hubby to be is driving me nuts!!

no sense of urgency, no amazing interest, not supporting me with sorting out finances out etc etc... seriously feel like im doing it on my own and he really might only just turn up!

any ideas on how to give him reality check without causing arguements?? xx


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Give him a list with what needs doing and by when, then he can see what you have to work to
  • I knew mine would be useless when it came to wedding stuff so I don't ask him to do anything! I just give him updates every so often. It's stressful but he is way too busy with work to help and I would rather have complete control over everything.
  • San1969San1969 Posts: 577
    You could do what I did and use his credit card to pay for everything - then when he gets the bill he'll soon be taking interest!!! imageimageimage
  • gem112gem112 Posts: 207
    I would give him specific tasks to complete rather than trying to get him generally 'involved'. Baby feed it to him! image
  • I cried - and now he's cancelled footy training tomorrow to spend time with me image
  • LMK2010LMK2010 Posts: 234
    I left mine with a task of getting the wedding car sorted in July. Its now the 17th november, we get married in 16 days and we still have no wedding car.

    Operation Leanne today i think. Honestly they are rubbish. Heres me panicing about getting to the church and he's like dont worry if i dont get one there is always a nice John Deere from work. I mean as if. Its bloody December and its not my ideal way of getting to church. I have been eyeing up a Bentley for the past 3 weeks. Operation Leanne now commences.!!!!
  • artaliceartalice Posts: 113
    hahah leanne thats my orperation name lol.....

    operation leighanne - just wrote out my list of things to do also on the forum and i have something like 27 points (half that i had asked other half to help do) and have reslised that its obviously going to be down to me to get thim all sorted lol..... balls!! image
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