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hey, just wondering what you lovely ladies are having as your wedding favours?



  • I'm having flower seeds - the flowers we're having on the day, so people can go home and plant a rose bush to remember the day image
  • we're having purple crackers for the meal, as well as postcard sized photographs (taken by h2b) with our wedding day and names etc on the back.

    For the evening guests, I'm doing a mini pack of lovehearts and a mini-photocard version of the above (again, taken by h2b) tied together with purple ribbon - then I'll put these in a basket for people to help themselves.

    Have you any ideas for yours?
  • I have found a perfect gift to go with my Save the Dates (I am a few years behind you when it comes to wedding dates) but I think they would also be great as winter favours....

    Hot Chocolate Cones. Google them. There are lots of pictures,look lovely and will be cheap to make!
  • We are having mini green and red stockings filled with lots of chocolate coins and other chocolates and a candy cane in each one. We got them all ready on weekend and they look fab.

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We are having pine cones, sprayed gold with tag and ribbon attached with our names on and the date, for Christmas tree decs.
  • We have got snowflake baubles with personalised ribbon, and we wrote a poem thanking our guests for sharing our special day
  • Misteloe! Share the love and all that!

    We also have charity favours from cancer research. x
  • We have got some gorgeous Gisela Graham xmas decs all in white silver and sparkle to match out theme. Only for the ladies though, so exicted. x
  • I'm having these...

    With Ivory wrapping and Purple text, to match my colour scheme image They double as place names and favours.
  • LMK2010LMK2010 Posts: 234
    hey ladies

    we are having lottery tickets and also wine glass charms with guests names on for a keep sake. xx
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