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bridesmaids have shrugs - should I ?

I realised yesterday, after seeing a wedding dress in a local wedding shop with a fur shrug over the top that I had got them for my bridesmaids and not for me.

I am now wondering if I need one or if it would look better if I had one.

I am staying the night before the wedding at a hotel next door to our venue so i don't have to travel i.e shouldnt get really cold it's more of a would it look better if I did.

Any ideas or comments please. I go for my second and final fitting fitting tomorrow....thanks


  • I would say its all down to how you would feel most confortable.

    If you would like ne...then go ahead.

    But if you want to be different...then thats good as it helps you stand out on your day!

    Think I won't have one, but the bridesmaids will need as my sister is ALWAYS cold! (and I don't want to hear any whining!) hehe
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