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nibbles for mulled wine?

Hi ladies

Our wedding is on 28th at 2pm - and food should be around 4.30pm but thought maybe should serve some nibbles with mulled wine drinks soak up the merriment at least!

Thing is, what could we serve??

Mince pies is the obvious choice, but I want to avoid too many Christmassy things as it's after Christmas so people may be festived-out by then....

Suggestions? Oh, and I can't eat wheat - but can always get something wheat-free for me


  • MistyxxMistyxx Posts: 1,679
    We're after Xmas too and having mini mince pies with the mulled wine.

    Sorry I'm not much help x
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We are having 2pm wedding and 4.30 sit down but not doing nibbles as 3 course meal and don't want people to not eat that
  • What about something light like the following:

    vegetable crisps

    Bruschetta of garlic, tomato and basil

    Tartlets of some sort- my venue offer things like sundried tomato and chorizo or prawn and avacado etc

    Or go down the less posh route (but probably more preffered if your guests are anything like mine! image ) and offer a selection of crisps, nuts, vegetable crudites and a range of dips..light and satisfying!!! image
  • We are having a 2pm wedding also, with sit down meal at 4:45pm, and having mulled wine and roast chestnuts for arrival drinks / nibbles while we get some photos done.
  • ooh, roast chestnuts?! not thought of those (don't like nuts but others do)

    I think we're gonna go down the mini-mince pie route...finalising with venue on Saturday so will see what they suggest/can do.

    Thanks for suggestions! image
  • Yeah, not really keen on chestnuts myself, but I do love the smell, and the whole christmas feeling of having them. Plus, we are having them served in a seperate room to the reception with a open log fire which I am hoping will add to the charm of it all. Hope everything goes well for you at the final meeting!
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