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I'm back from South Africa!!!!

Hi girls! Well, I'm back and now Mrs Pauckert! I'll pop up some photos tonight now that I have the first CD back from friends - formal one's still not arrived yet. Wedding day was everything I could have wished for and more - except IT RAINED!!!!! Half way through our vows..... still, it didn't bucket it down, it was warm and it stoppped very quickly. Would I change anything? Absolutely no, it was the best day of my life and the honeymoon was fabulous. More later when I'm not trying to dodge work!!!



  • A11y50nA11y50n Posts: 498
    How do I post a photo here?????? I can't work out what to do....... Help, please!!!!!
  • NikNiksNikNiks Posts: 736
    Hey Alison, welcome back and CONGRATULATIONS to you, glad you had an amazing time... it rained on our day too... but unlike you it totally poured and was proper windy too! but like you it didn't ruin our day either (tho no outside pix which is a shame).

    Re putting pix on here, you need to save them to an online site eg photobucket or facebook... then from that photo right click over it and select Properties, highlight the URL address for the picture and copy it, come back to your message on here, click the IMG button, paste in the URL then click the Img button again... do this for every pix you want to post on here - they should be re-sized automatically so don't worry bout that.

    Hope that helps, can't wait to see yours!

    Niks xxx
  • NowMrsShNowMrsSh Posts: 262
    Congratulations Allyson and welcome back! Looking forward to seeing your piccies xx
  • A11y50nA11y50n Posts: 498
    Thanks Niks - I'll have another go tonight so hopefully they'll be xsome photos to show you tomorrow!!! Allyson x
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