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Hi, I need some help please ladies. My hairdresser has been on maternaty leave so I havent seen her for around 6 months and my trial for our wedding is on Saturday with the wedding the following Sunday. I know I shouldnt of left this so late but my question is as I have psoriasis of the scalp my hair has gone a little thin so I was wondering where I could get extentions from to thicken it out! Don;t want the glued in type. Has anyone got experience of these. thanks in advance for any advice. x


  • Hi Hun,

    I bought some clip in ones a few years ago i think they were from ebay also i would try sallys hair and beauty if you have one near to you.

    Good Luck

  • thanks xxamxiexxuk. there is a Sally's not far from where I work. Can you just walk in or do they only deal with trade accounts/customer ?
  • Hi,

    Mosy hairdressers can order them within 24 hours. I am seeing my hair dresser this saturday (my wedding is the 4th so following saturday), and she is going to order them then.

    Sure she will be able to help and you'll look gorgeous.

  • I think you can just walk in and buy stuff we have a shop in our high street and you can buy anything from there.

  • My hairdresser reccomended this ebay seller- i must admit i was abit weary about buying from them, but they have came, and are amazing.

    HTH xx
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