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Hi. We got married on September 4th 2010 and chose a music festival for our theme. In the run up to the wedding I found that there wasn't a lot of information readily available on the internet, offering ideas etc, so, If anybody would like any help, should you choose this theme, I would be more than happy to let you know what we did image Happy Planning Brides to be. x image


  • Hi KatieFrancies, congratulations! We want to incorporate this into our day (budget permitting) so would love to ehar your ideas. I'm currently trying to design ticket style invites and we're looking at having a festival style poster as our table plan. Do you have any photos of your day? x
  • Hi There- I am helping a friend plan a festival themed wedding. I'd love to hear some of your ideas please?


    Jo imageimage
  • We are having a wedding festival in May. We have posters for the invites and gig-style tickets for the RSVP, along with records that went out for the save the dates.

    We've got banners such as "Beer Barn" and "Main Stage" from Vistaprint, and also lawn signs for "welcome", "campervan parking" etc.

    We're planting kids wellies up with flowers and the centre pieces are 12 inch records that are named after fields at Glastonbury. I've made up guest passes on neck lanyards.

    All the wedding party are in wellies - including my customised ivory pair with my new name spelt out in turquoise rhinestone

    Happy to help with any ideas! Here's some of my planning to date:-

    We've had such fantastic feedback from the guests - they are all really excited about doing something slightly outside the norm - even those that don't even like camping!!
  • Hi Katie!

    We're also having a festival theme - we're getting married in July this year. We've sent out ticket-style invites and there's camping available at the venue, I'm just struggling a bit with how far to take the theme at the venue itself! I'd love to see what you did for your big day, if possible?


    J x
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    Hi Katie

    It would be great to hear about your festival themed wedding ideas as I am thinking of doing this theme myself. Getting married in a barn on a working farm and there is also camping available.


  • Hi Zoe,

    I have looked through your photos and think the ideas you had were brilliant. We are also having a festival themed wedding at the same venue as you. I was wondering if you could tell me where you the site map with all the words on?the only map I can find of the venue has numbers all over it.

    Also any other tips/ideas/experiences that you could share from the venue would be great.


  • Hey Guys,

    I run a blog called Festival Brides that's aimed at alternative weddings!


    It's still young (only 3 weeks old!) but I plan to blog about all my tips and advice on planning my own festival wedding and other inspirational unique weddings!

    I will be writing about suppliers, photographers, bands, venues etc so check it out!

    Hopefully you'll find lots of tips.

    Laura xxx
  • Zoe! Wow! What fabulous invites! I don't suppose you would still have the template or original design I could use to base my invites on? I'm struggling with the design/printing aspect so any help you could provide or offer would be very appreciated.

    All the best, Ellie
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    Hi. I would love to know more about your wedding! Daniel and I are getting married Labor Day weekend (9/2) of this year. We have planned a garden music festival, and I feel I have so many ideas, but would love to hear from you/ see pictures/ get ideas. I hope your marriage is bliss! Congratulations!!
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    I was wondering about the details of your wedding. Am wanting to have a festival theme and am looking for inspiration!


  • Hi everyone

    I see some of you are looking for ideas / inspiration for festival themed weddings...

    we had a festival theme and I have also helped several couples with their festival themed wedding invites, tables plans, designs etc...

    some samples of these can be seen below...

    if you are looking for some help please get in touch, my website is: www.martymccolgan.com or www.wedfest.co

    good luck with all your preparations







  • Hi I was wondering if your wedding venue was in yorkshire? If so, where abouts? I'm finding it impossible to find a great venue nearby
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    I think this would be perfect for a festival themed wedding:

  • We've just started planning our festival themed wedding so any tips would be great image So far we've got vinyl records with the table names printed on them (tables are named after festivals we've been too), wristbands, lots of bunting. For our favours were going to make festival  survival kits with beer tokens, glowsticks etc.

    The main thing were struggling with is trying to find centrepieces that fit in with the theme, the usual fishbowls, martini glasses etc don't look right. Also having a nightmare trying to find bands to play that aren't over 1k! 

  • Hi Princess_tink

    I have seen people make up album covers with table names on them. You call each table a band and then choose that album cover . You can use table number stands to put them on the table.

  • Hi Everyone

    I posted on this thread last year... I wanted to send you all an update... I deign and produce festival themed wedding stationery... I have attached some new samples below and if you want more info you can visit my websites: www.martymccolgan.com or www.wedfest.co

    good luck!












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