First anniversary ideas?

Just wondering if anyone has any nice anniversary ideas?

I got married last August. We didn't have a big budget and had to decide between either waiting a long time to save up or just going for whatever we could afford in terms of a venue. We didn't want to wait ages or to get into debt so we decided to go for the best we could get for our money, but I never really 'loved' it and some of the photos aren't great because of the surroundings.

Although, I did love our wedding day, I often feel a bit of sadness that the venue wasn't particularly special to me so I'm hoping to do something really special for our anniversary and any ideas would be welcome!


  • sparkle640sparkle640 Posts: 206
    We're going to New York. It's somewhere that we both love & we figured we should have one more great holiday before children come along x
  • BellabullBellabull Posts: 50
    I'm having a first anniversary party - nothing too fancy. There were problems with the wedding day (although it was still a nice day, just problems with the disgusting inlaws being disgustingly rude to the guests, the bride and the vicar. urghh).

    It won't be a huge do - just a nice venue, canapes (we have free use of a kitchen, so won't be expensive), a huge vintage style cupcake buffet, good music and a lovely tea length dress (black) from honeypie boutique.
  • I'm having a bbq at my parents house. Loads of good food, drink and good company. Funnily enough, the only annoying guests I had at the wedding (aunt and uncle) are not invited. Friends are coming from all over the country and it will be the first chance to share wedding pics and baby excitement! Were thinking of making it a bit of an annual get together. We will be having a church blessing at our 5 year anniversary and will get the planning book out again for that (but I can tell you now, it will be summer bbq based.) Why not do the same. If money is a problem, people wont mind bringing a dish or some sausages and a bottle with them.You could then maybe put the wedding outfits on and so a photo tour in your area with a photographer for some good shots. Have fun regardless. x
  • KittenHeelsKittenHeels Posts: 267
    Think we may go away for the weekend in the uk, just somewhere relaxing/spa??

    I will be 31 weeks pregnant then so just want chill!! Don't think anything could beat our wedding day anyway!! Can't believe it's almost a year!

  • Way too late but we went to Las Vegas - amazing!
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