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Booked wedding today!

Hello ladies. Just thought I'd introduce myself. Me & my fiance booked our reception venue today (the church is already booked), and we're getting married on Friday 20th August 2010. Am so excited and have only just finished telling all my close friends and family! I really had to come on here tonight, even though it's late, just to tell the world because I'm so excited!:\)

xxx Rosebud xxx


  • Congratulations Ms Rosebud!

    I have not yet booked a venue, but me and my partner will be getting married in September 2010 in Tuscany. It was really refreshing to see your post, as I was really nervous of shouting about my news when 2010 seems so far off! And I keep asking myself the question is it too early to start doing this, and that.

    Enjoy the preparations!

    Best wishes

  • Thank you! And congratulations to you as well :\) I know what you mean, it's over 2 years away! But it's definitely not too early to be planning/booking. Our venue was already booked on 2 out of the 3 possible dates we wanted!! So we had to get in there quick before it went! And don't worry, although it is far away, my friends have all been really excited for me, so I'm sure yours will be too!
  • kathrynoukkathrynouk Posts: 2,250
    it will fly trust me!

    I bet you cant wait now
  • MannymeeMannymee Posts: 103
    Hi peeps,

    Congrats to you all!!

    i've booked mine for July 2010 - i think you need to so you an get the church and reception venue you want! We are also paying for ours oursleves so we need time to save. I still get funny looks fron people tho when i say when the date is
  • Kelly06uk1Kelly06uk1 Posts: 244
    Hello to you all and congratulations for booking your wedding.

    I have booked my wedding for September 2010.
  • Yeah I can't wait! It feels like ages away though!! We also need plenty of time to save (we have been saving since we got engaged in November 2006!!). Yes, sometimes people say about it being a long way away, but they don't realise just how quickly things get booked up!
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