Now nearly 2 years on!

I thought I'd pop back again as it is now almost two years since we all got married! image

So what's new? Any more babies on the horizon??

So.... last year we were living it up in Oz planning a RTW adventure.

This year we are...... still in Australia! The company I started working for as a temp decided that they would sponsor me for permanent residency in December 2011 so, as we thought it a good opportunity we decided to stick around. Lots of stress later we were granted our visas in May 2012, two days before we were due to fly back to England for our best mans wedding! It was a close call and very stressful image

Whilst back we packed up all our things and shipped out the cat! My parents are also set on a move to Australia and lodged their visa application in August and are hoping to be out here in around a year's time, which will be great.

Hubby got made redundant (what's that - like THREE times now?!) in August and is still on the hunt for work, it's getting boring now as we were all set to buy a house after Christmas and this has thrown a big spanner in the savings plan. But hopefully he'll be back earning some cash soon.

We are back in the UK for Christmas as my brother is getting married (lives here but still having his wedding in the UK!) and then off to Sydney for NYE which should be fab.

Then it might be time to see if we can add a little one to our family of two image

Can't wait to hear everyone else's updates!!


Nic xxx


  • Hello!!!!  Wow, what a year you had.  I only pop back very occasionally to see if anyone's posted anything.  No babies for us (I can't have children) but 2 new cats - Dennis and Monty!!  Can't believe it's over 2 years now!!  Where did that time go?

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    Hello ladies. I left yayw before I weD but aam back again now. Congrats to you all. I was flitting between life's wife and willowade as name but looking forward to October and celebrating our third year married. We are talking about renewing our vows for our fifth anniversary. Looking forward to planning again. image

  • Well it was so long ago now, us October 2010 brides have been bumped into '2010'! 

    So three years later.... it flies doesn't it? I do like little updates so I can pop back again in another year and see what I was thinking 12 months ago image

    We are still in Perth, I'm still in the job that sponsored me, have another 6 months until I'm free of any obligation and can move, but will probably stay as it's not a bad place to be.

    Husband got another temp job in April and finally a permanent job in July, so he's been settling in - doesn't really like it, but knows he's got to stick it out for at least a couple of years to get some qualifications under his belt and some continuity on his CV.

    We did buy a house after Christmas, so that was exciting (if not very stressful - from looking to moving in in 4 weeks!) although now we've been living in it for 9 months we've decided the area isn't quite right for us - turns out we really aren't 'suburb' people and we miss the buzz of being closer to the action. So we are putting a plan in place to hopefully finish a few bits of tarting up to the house and look to move closer to the City in six months time.

    No children, I go from wanting them one minute to blind panic the next - so not sure whether they are in our immediate future right now, we are just enjoying time together and seeing what happens.

    If anyone pops back please fill me in on any updates! xxx

  • Glad to hear things are well and it's good to have worked out what you want early on cos hopefully you won't have lost out too mucH Time trialing the suburbs. 



    I forgot to mention my honeymoon baby in the last post!! Was not actually expected much but a very welcome addition. We now have four girls (three if them were our bridesmaids. Lol). I quit my job on early severance while preg and after a few years off, I am going back to a night job as opposed to the usual office malarkey I did before. The thing with kids, if you think too much about it, it ruins the experience. X

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    Well I missed my 4 year update - so will just have to do a 4 years and 3 month update!

    Still in Perth, still in the suburbs... although we have now renovated the house and it is almost finished and is just lovely, got made redundant in June and found another job in November... and I'm 12 weeks pregnant with our first baby!


    So an exciting year ahead image

  • willowadewillowade Posts: 879

    Oh Nicola!! That is wonderful news. Congratulations. 


    I I would love another but dh thinks it would be too much of a squeeze. Lol 

    suburbs are much better when raising children. 


    we always have plans to do something amazing for our anniversary but then finances seem to stall around that time and we don't do it. Last year was actually cos dh was ill But same result. Nothing terribly exciting this sidE to report but I'll be watching for updates from you!! image

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